TeachMe 1st Grade iPhone App Review

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TeachMe 1st Grade for iPhone is an educational app for the kindergarten. It is one stop place for kids to practice addition, subtraction, vocabulary building and learning to spell words. The app tracks the child’s progress in each activity and rewards them with coins. These coins can be spent in any of the stores in the TeachMe app. It is a part of TeachMe series of educational apps. It is the third installment in the series. The app teaches age appropriate content to the first grade kids. It is fun and edutainment and makes learning really interesting.

Have fun and easily learn the basics of Math and English

TeachMe 1st Grade iPhone App comes with a simple and beautiful interface that catches the attention of a child. It is easy for them to use. Answers for all the questions can be either written or typed. The character recognition engine will easily recognize the handwriting. If the child has trouble writing answers, the app will show them how to write with strokes.The child can learn addition and subtraction up to number 20.

TeachMe app for iPhone has more than 170 or more words to spell. Select the required subject for the child to play. The achievement screen motivates the child to learn more. It shows the progress the kid has made. You can change the number of questions or lock a certain question. There are seven different kinds sticker. This can be exported to create photos out of them. This included, space, playground, beach, underwater reef, city, farm, private and cove. Parents can review the performance history to see how the child is faring.


TeachMe 1st Grade iPhone App is a great tool that can keep your child engaged in a positive way. It reinforces learning skills in the kids. It has a character recognition engine that detects what the kids write. Performance tracking for each subject will let you know how the kids have fared. The rewards can be used in shape store, fish store,art store and get decorative stretchable stickers. The app has a minimal payment for download and use. There are no in app purchases or ads.

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