Terraria Android Game App Review

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Terraria for Android is an open world sandbox game similar to mine craft and similar types. The difference is that here you will find more adventure pitting real time players against numerous enemy and giving more arsenals and tools. You get to discover loads of secrets as you mine your way through the game. The players get dropped into a random world where they need to mine for resources to create houses and other equipment. They need to use the looks given at the start of the game. The app is priced at $4.63 to download from Google Play.

Engross into the world of mines as you dig and fight

Terraria for Android is not just a combating game, it alsolets users develop their building skills and enhance their creativity. You get on to the world of imaginations and dream up all kind of creations you can build with the items you get as you dig. To break the monotony of hard work, you are surprised with action elements that put you on a combating mood. The world you toil in is very unique and beautiful. You get to dig around a floating island in the sky that seems like the end of the world.

Terraria game supports four players in WiFi supported multiplayer mode. There are about 1360+ armor and ammunitions that help you combat and build. You will come across 450+ enemies and 100+ blocks of different types. You get to explore overdozen of different environment manned by 20+ bosses in the company of 30+ pets. You can create a world as big as 4200 × 1200 times or be satisfied with a 4 tile block.


Terraria Android game has a different approach compared to other games of the same genre. It has a different perspective, combating style and also the surprising moments of discovery. As you keep gaining points, you can compare it with your friends and other players. Dig around and discover plenty of secrets and combat to get through the game successfully. The game has additional combat tools and ammunitions as in app purchases.

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