The Banner Saga Android RPG Game App Review

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The Banner Saga for Android is a role playing game that is tactical and the strategic choices you make affect the game play and the world around you. It is a unique fantasy realm inspired by Norse mythology that explores a grim world shaped by the legends of the Vikings. In a world abandoned by gods, you will uncover ancient lore and battle tooth and nail to carve out a new bastion. The Banner Saga game costs $9.99 to download from Google Play.

Epic Tale Of Sorrow and Loss With Great Challenges

There are two simultaneous plots in The Banner Saga game for Android. The plots are thoroughly engrossing. Characters are believable who talk to one another like real human beings and live for hundreds of years. The main part of the Banner Saga game is interactive and you need to choose your own adventure tale. It is complete with multiple choice sections that affect the path of the story line. The game play becomes engaging and succeeds simply because the story is interesting and well told. Battle system is the other major part of the Banner Saga game. This mainly consists of small-scale isometric turn-based scuffles and it is completely different from other tactical RPGs in the market. You have over 25 playable characters with unique personalities. You can form relationships in and out of combat with a variety of characters from 7 different classes. Choose your warriors, form your strategy and strike. The game offers a dynamic battlefield where your tactics determine who lives and who dies.

The Banner Saga for Android is a complete mobile gaming app. The core design of the game is compatible with any smart phones in the market. Menus, buttons, and the entire interface function fantastically. With universally solid interface design, the game is beautiful and the world within the game is dynamic and full of life. It has a beautiful 2D rotoscope animation that will immerse yourself in hand drawn combat sequences and animations, accompanied by enchanting background score.


Unique gameplay is fun and promotes strategic planning with victory, defeat and even the permanent loss of a character depends on the choices you make. Even with heavy graphics and animations The Banner Saga Android game uses less battery power. As soon as you get the storyline, Banner Saga will give you a challenging, interesting ride that is well worth the price of app.

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