The Machines Review

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The Machines is a free real time strategy augmented reality game available in App Store. It is the best looking game available for iOS powered device. In this game, the players command two hero units called champions, who would carefully position their troops around the battlefield. You need to use and apply smart tactics and strategic thinking in order to take over the home base of the opponent.

Rise of the Machines

You will need a bit of space to play this game. There are robots, cool battlefields and the AR twist to make it interesting. The game environment looks like a wasteland filled with towers and control point. As a player, you need to guide your hero through this wasteland using special moves, using your troops to defeat the opponent. Each players base are positioned at the opposite side of the map. The base is static and cannot be repositioned. The player should move the troops around the map to occupy the opponent’s location and destroy it. You will find gun towers in the path that needs to be taken down else it will result in massive damage to your units. Each champion in the game has two abilities which he can use. Each of capabilities can be levelled up. In the home screen of the game you can see all the available champions. You will have to unlock the champions to use them. As you kill more minions, you get more abilities to unlock. The placement of your troops is really important for your survival in the game.

There are two game modes, Single player and Multiplayer. By default you can play single player, you need to get to level 3 to unlock the multiplayer mode. It also has a global leaderboard where you can see the top players in single player and Multiplayer modes. Each match has a time limit during which if there is no winner the match will result in a draw.


This game is definitely entertaining and engaging with meaty violence and a good level of strategy. You get to play a short tutorial that will teach you the basics of how to play the game. The game is just stunning with so many details on the map with beautiful rocky mountains, terrain and flowing water. The AR experience was exhilarating and this game is highly recommended to all RTS fans.

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