The Room Old Sins Android App Review

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The Room series by Fireproof Games has always been a very popular puzzle adventure game franchise for smart devices. The games involve realistic puzzle boxes that the player needs to unlock and pull apart using keys, sliders, buttons etc. The direct interaction with your fingers instead of a mouse or controller buttons, gives the game a real physical dimension to it. The puzzles often have mysterious stories which the player uncovers through notes. The Room Old Sins Game App for Android is the fourth and latest game in this multi-award winning series.

How Room Old Sins Android Game Works

An engineer and his high-society wife disappear. As a player you have go on a quest to solve the mystery. It involves searching for a precious artifact in an old, peculiar dollhouse that is discovered at the attic of their home, Waldegrave Manor. You have to follow obscure clues and manipulate strange devices to uncover the mysteries within the dollhouse. You can go inside the rooms of the dollhouse, to search for items and affix to the structure. As you progress, there are new rooms to unlock. You need not complete all the puzzles in a single room before you can progress. At any point of time there are three unlocked rooms you can explore. If you are not sure about what to do with an object you find in a particular room, you take it to other rooms. There are hints available to help you throughout the game.

To solve the puzzles, you need to examine the objects to find it they have any hidden mechanisms. Not just the dollhouse, you also get to explore the whole house for clues. Each room is detailed realistically and has a distinct theme that makes them unique. There is also a garden that you can explore. The incredible level of detailing and the exciting clues makes this game stand out. The game features controls that are very intuitive; the tactile effect is so natural that it is like you feel the surface of every object. The sound effect and the audio track create another-worldly ambience, best experienced on headphones.


The Room Old Sins App game for Android is a worthy addition to the series. At $5.49, it is well worth. It has been rated as one of the best ever puzzle-adventure games available. It is rated for ages 7+.

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