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Rhonda Byrne, an Australian television writer and producer, had her first major hit with ‘The Secret’, a film and book based on the The Law of Attraction. Since then, she has written many best-selling sequels to ‘The Secret’ including, ‘The Power’, ‘The Magic’ and ‘The Hero’ and other similar inspirational self-help books. ‘The Secret To Money by Rhonda Byrne’ is an app from Creste LLC that inspires you to change your thinking and adopt best practices that will bring riches into your life.

How The Secret To Money App Works

‘The Secret to Money’ is a suite of games and daily activities. This personal development program has been conceptualized by Rhonda Byrne herself and it features 5 powerful practices (inspired by ‘The Secret’) that will help you change your life for the better in terms of wealth. The 5 practices are Desire, Purchases, Manifested Money, Daily Inspirations and Affirmations. The Desires practice encourages you to create a list of 7 things you would buy if you had enough money. This list reminds you about how desirable it would be to have more money in your life. In the Purchases practice, you receive virtual checks in increasing amounts from the Bank of the Universe and you can spend huge amounts of this imaginary money, and record purchases within the The Secret To Money app in local currency equivalent.

Manifested Money practice helps you to record money received, saved, were gifted or refunded; the function of this practice is give you an idea how much money you are manifesting each day. In the Daily Inspirations practice, you are given access to daily inspiring messages about financial well-being (from ‘The Secret’). Affirmations practice offers you 20 unique positive mindset-changing messages of wealth and abundance inspired by the best-selling book. These practices are designed to change your perceptions about money and bring about radical changes in your circumstances.


With more than 10,000 downloads till date, The Secret to Money by Rhonda Bryne is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It is priced $4.65 an interesting app that is worth trying out, more so if you are a fan of Rhonda Bryne.

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