The Wonder Weeks iPhone App Review

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The Wonder Weeks Phone App is a baby app that helps all parents tackle the fussy few weeks of your baby innovatively. It is most useful during a baby’s first year and a half which is quite trivial since a parent you get to understand the phase more before the child can speak legibly. A new baby may bring in a lot of changes into a parent’s life and the changes are in leaps and bounds. It is an adaptation of a book that goes by the same name. Addresses the mental leaps the babies have in a weekly phase and gives a lot of insights about the mental development which helps new age parents.

Understand and adapt to the first few wonder weeks

The Wonder Weeks iPhone for app keeps track of the first twenty months of your baby’s mental development. New parents may have a whole lot of questions that include, why the baby is crying to various other things that could pop up suddenly. It is not easy to understand your child’s mood swings and also what it tries to grasp. Each week is different from the other and you will not know how to handle it at time. Not many are blessed to have elders besides to seek advice.

The Wonder Week App for iPhone is so much more. It is like an encyclopedia of sorts that covers every phase of your baby’s life. Easily understand what your baby is capable of and what you can do to sustain the development.


The Wonder Weeks iPhone app is a best selling baby app around the globe. It is a handy reminder to the newbie parents of all the mental developments the baby names in a weekly phase. You will be exasperated to know how each week is a great leap forward in terms of mental ability for a baby.It is a window into your baby’s life during the first few messy fussy weeks. The app cost $3.99 to download and use. There are in app purchase sto subscribe for additional chapters. There are no ads.

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