Timestamp Camera Pro Android App Review

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Timestamp Camera Pro Android App is an editing app which helps you to add timestamp in new videos. This editing app is developed by Yubin Chen in 2016 and last update was done in 2019. You can use this app in all devices including IOS and Android. The app is available in the Google Play Store and cost just $5.74 to download and use.

Timestamp Features

Timestamp Camera Pro Android App is a considerably more cleaned app which lets you include a timestamp as well as any custom content you need to your photos. This app enchantment has permitted the little editing on phones to make fake blur effects, identify reasonable camera settings consequently dependent on the lighting and the subject, and even include watermarks now and again. Be that as it may, most phones don’t provide the clients with an alternative to add a timestamp to the caught photos. Precisely when you open the app it offers you a huge amount of styles to look over. When you do, you can alter the situation of the timestamp, its color, the font style, size, you can add text below it and etc.

On the off chance that you would preferably have the app add Timestamp Camera Pro on the photos it took. This was even valid for camera recorders and it helped individuals know precisely when an image was taken. Computerized cameras store that data on the picture file. Therefore, the timestamp on the photographs gradually vanished and very few truly miss it. You can edit a photograph in the moment of capturing it and add a time and date to it physically which is as unreasonable as it sounds. The other choice, a lot simpler, is to download an outsider app that does it for you. Indeed, even with the apps, you have a few alternatives. You could either have the timestamp included immediately as you snap the photo, or you could physically choose pictures from your gallery and let the Timestamp Camera Pro App for Android choose pictures, by examining their EXIF data.


Timestamp Camera Pro Android App is a great app for editing your photos and videos even with adding texts, emojis on camera you can also record videos with or without sound in it. This app can be connected with GPS and your location address. This app permits you to utilize your preferred camera application to take pictures and include timestamps later. The process can likewise be robotized for each photograph you take. It is nearby as acceptable, if worse than changing to an alternate camera application.

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