Toca Train Android Game App Review

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Toca Train for Android is more of a digital toy rather than a game. You explore the luscious green countryside from village to village in a shiny blue locomotive. An app most suitable for kids 3 to 11 years that keeps them glued to the screen. There are loads of activities as they steer their train along the countryside. They are the loco pilots and take command over the train and decide where to stop, when to stop, load or unload people and cargo. Toca Train app costs $3.99 to download from Google Play Store.

Chug your way into the lush green countryside

Toca Train for Android is pretty simple. You just need to board the loco, pull the levers and push the button. You will now start chugging down a blue train with other people on-board. As the driver of the train you will decide the stops. When you stop, make your child to board more passengers or cargo. The characters are funny and the kids will find joy in trying to disembark of pick up crates of pears and oranges. The first time appearance of Toca Robot will be sheer joy and you will find kids burst with delight. The loco is an age old steam train that comes packed with whistles, smokes, sparks and noise of speed lever.

Toca Train Android Game App Review

There are 6 scenic stations to stop by. A very kid friendly interface without any rules or goals. The kids can play it the way they want to. You can change the camera angle by swiping and pinching. Also, toggle back and forth between engineers eye view to a side view of the train. You will find the kids toggling and tooting the whistles often.


Toca Train for Android is from game studio, Toca Boca which makes digital toys for kids. The Toca Train allows kids to come out of the shackles and give colours to their imagination. You can play with your kids which will motivate them and would be a great learning experience. All you need to do is pay a fixed one time price and download it. There are no ads or any in-app purchases.

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