Tools & Amazfit Android App Review

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Tools & Amazfit Android App makes the most out off your smart watches and bracelets like AmazfitBip, Amazfit Arc and AmazfitCor, Band Mi Dong. It is a rich app that gives you the flexibility of using it for all purposes that is served by a phone, watch or a health band. Brings together the best of the features in the device and the app and also integrates well with other apps like Mi Fit. The features are fully customizable that makes its features even more powerful. The widgets come in handy anywhere anytime of the day.

Wear a Smartwatch and get equipped for life

Tools & Amazfit App for Android is simple and easy to use when you get used to all the features. Activate button control and sensor control and assign actions control media with button presses. Displays caller contact names and notifications on Amazfit. Notifications can be anything from incoming calls, application alerts, alarm notifications and will also alert you on missed notification. Set an alert for inactivity so the band will buzz when you are idle. Rejuvenate with power naps by activating the feature.

The Tools & Amazfit Android app will wake you up with vibrations. Set a certain time for notification from WhatsApp group or certain contact. This will help you to efficiently manage time in your busy schedule. You can also choose to ignore certain notifications. Monitors heart rate and have a chart display on the dashboard that is easily configurable. Have an hourly chime and also keep reminders for your daily workout time and sleep schedule.


Tools & Amazfit android app is quite handy for those who have the habit of using smartwatches. It offers a lot of easy to use features. A lot of exploring and getting used to needs to happen to learn everything. Completely supports major smart watch in the market and works well on all Android versions.The import/export settings let you use cloud storage features as well.The app cost just $3.94 to download and use. All the features are made available with no further in app purchases.

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