Trick Shot 2 iPhone App Review

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In this puzzle sequel, you got to launch the ball into the box precisely. The key to success in Trick Shot 2 for iPhone is being accurate enough to make those tricky shots. Don’t be mistaken, it is a challenging task. You may download Trick Shot 2 game for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.

Brand New Challenges

Trick Shot 2 for iPhone have come a long way from the first game. It has a level editor that you can unlock once you complete Chapter 2. Using said feature, you can edit pre-made levels or create new ones altogether and share it with others. The concept of Trick Shot 2 is simple enough to grasp. But the puzzles can get complex and intricate. You will need loads of patience to play and complete the puzzles. While the game play has changed compared with its predecessor, the graphics still remains simple. But the new game elements and mechanics have much more polished appearances that you just didn’t see in the original. There is as plethora of weird objects such as UFOs, eggs, modern chairs and office furniture, pens and pencils, donuts, fruits and more, which was not there in the first version. Further, everything has its own unique aesthetic, texture.

Trick Shot 2 iPhone Game App Review

Trick Shot 2 game is also a visual treat. It is full of bright, bold, and vibrant hues. Animations are slick and smooth. I experienced no lag or freeze in my iPhone 8 while testing it out. The jazzy soundtrack that is a bit quirky and upbeat is fun to listen to as you try to solve the puzzles on screen. Performance wise, the game is also stable. It requires iOS 9+.

Final Take

Trick Shot 2 game for iPhone is a fun puzzle game to play. The levels are quick making it a perfect pick up and play game. Large number of levels makes it worth the price you pay. Custom levels are a welcome concept and not seen in most other puzzles in iTunes. The graphics is decent throughout. It is also pretty colourful. Slick animations makes it a dream to play. The jazzy soundtrack helps you to keep focus on the game at hand. Support for foreign languages come handy to non-English natives. It is also stable and responsive. Check it out if you had enjoyed the first version of Trick Shot.

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