Twin Strangers iPhone App Review

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Twin Strangers iPhone App helps you find your doppelganger. It is a fun thing to see all the people who look similar to you. And, the surprising part is that they are spread all over the world. Twins are always quite intriguing thing. It is a delight to see an identical twin siblings.They are siblings and it’s fine they are born that way. One may not expect perfect strangers to be identical. But, the world is full of surprises. The app can quickly spot all the identical twin strangers who look just like you

Have fun time with your lookalike from all over the world

Twin Strangers iPhone App is easy, quite simple and fun to use. It is a simple doppelganger search to find people who look like you from all over the world. Once you download and installed the app you need to upload your picture. The Twin Strangers iPhone App compares your image with millions of photos uploaded in its databases to find your look alike.

Each time you try to search there are different results as the app has around 1000 people joining every week. With over 4 million users, it is a huge database of photos. It is always a good idea to make regular searches. There are around three searches with the base version of the Twin Strangers app. Each search will give you around 100 results and you can get to experiment with different looks. The app lets you share the results in social media and also save your favorite look alike.


Twin Strangers app for iPhone is quite a fun app. There are so many look alike around the world and this is going to be so incredibly exciting. Initially, it was an online service which was recently developed into an app. The Twin Strangers iPhone app cost $4.20 to download and use. There are no ads. There no in app purchases available in the app to get credit points and increase the number of searches. Sharing the app is possible for up to six members in a family by enabling the Family sharing feature.

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