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Type Machine Android App helps you type with difference. Unlike the normal keyboards, the app remembers everything you type. It is a convenient way to type, especially if you are in the field of writing in any form. There are always chances of erasing what you typed accidentally or the device hangs while you were typing. With a normal device keyboard, you will have to write whatever you typed unless if the document was saved. But that wouldn’t be the case with the Type Machine.It lets you dig out what you typed from the old entries.

Type with peace with your own typing machine

Type Machine App for Android is an intuitive app that makes job easy for those who are in the business of writing. The app saves everything you typed in whichever app on your device. The app let’s you filter text by app, tap on the text to copy it. It has the complete history that you just have to move the slider to find what types. You are never going to lose or forget text. It is seamless and completely automatic.

The Type Machine app is not intrusive. It just keeps away when you do not need it. The global undo feature undoes all action in all app. It is simple, safe and secure. The history segment has a pin lock keep the old entries safe. The user interface is tablet friendly and works well in all android device. A good way to go back in time.


Type Machine Android App is an easy to use keyboard app that can be used with any apps in a device that comes with Android Framework.The app requires the collection service of your device to be enabled.The app does not let you type on the password fields as it is against the security policy.The app can schedule automatic deletionof its old entries. There are enough instructions to get started with the app. The app cost just $1.67 to download and use. There are no ads.There are no additional in app purchasesavailable in the app.

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