UnreliAlarm Android App Review

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The beauty of Android OS is its underlying APIs that gives you the power to do lots of things programmatically. UnreliAlarm for Android is one such creative attempt wherein you can now wake up to a podcast alarm or music alarm instead of the generic alarm sound. You can download UnreliAlarm app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.


UnreliAlarm app for Android is a simple enough idea, but appealing to those who is bored of your phone’s generic alarm sounds. Yes, you can use the app as an alarm. The app itself makes no alarm sound on its own. But you can set it to automatically launch an app of your choice when the alarm goes off. This could be Google Music, Podcast that you were listening to or a music app such as Spotify. Once launched, it starts to play what were you listening last, and you wake up to that soothing music. The app achieves this objective by spoofing a Bluetooth headset sending a “play” command to the application that you choose. It makes sure the application is running first.

UnreliAlarm Android App Review

The apparent downside of UnreliAlarm for Android is that its reliability depends on what music you have queued up in the music app or podcast. If you’d forgotten to add any songs to the playlist, it will end up being a hollow shot. The UI design and layout is user friendly. It is quite easy to set the time and the app to call. You have options to repeat the alarm, delete or reset alarm. The color theme however looks rather dull. They could have made it better. Performance wise, the app is precise and stable. It requires Android OS versions 4.3 and upwards.

Final Take

UnreliAlarm app for Android acts as an alarm app without actually being one in its truest sense. You can set the time, day and repeat schedules in the app, and it evokes your music app or podcast to play a song as the alarm sound. If you’re bored with the generic alarm sounds, this will give you more options. For the user, it is easy to set up the time of alarm and the app to evoke. But you got to make sure that the caller app has your choice of songs already lined up. The app has been verified to work with PocketCasts, Stitcher, AntennaPod, Spotify, Google Play Music, and Deezer. Check it out if you find this alarm app concept curious.

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