Video & TV + Google Cast Android TV Streamer App Review

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Video & TV Cast + Google Cast Android TV Streamer app let you watch videos on big screen. You just need a television that supports Google Cast, Android TV or Chromecast. The app offers great features with which you can easily stream videos, online movies and also watch other live streams on television in the comforts of your couch in the living room. The web video streamer supports a lot of formats including the ones for full HD and 4k. Enjoy movies and TV shows by setting them all on the personal home page.

Cast the videos and enjoy a great viewing experience on the TV

Video & TV Cast App for Android is not so complicated to set up. Browse through the web and send the embedded video to your TV or gaming console. The videos that you have selected will be displayed in the app browser. Tap on the link to play it and the content will be sent to a Google Cast enabled device. For formats like mp4, m3u8 you need to paste the complete link in the browser address bar. At certain times, you might have to play the video on the android device before casting it. Check the list of FAQs, if you have further issues while casting videos. There are lot of TV brands that allows easy casting. The app requires permissions and it does not breach any security code. It does not access any data from your android device and just card what you select.


Video & TV Cast + Google Cast Android TV Streamer app is superb for those who love watching online videos and movies. The free version is available with just the basic features. It does not project all the contents of your Android device or even the website. It just pushes the video content of the website. If there is an issue with the connection, then either restart your Android device, router or the player. The pro version is a paid app and cost just $2.12 to download and use. It comes ad free with all premium features.

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