Vivid Navigation Gestures Android App Review

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Vivid Navigation Gestures is a tool app and is offered by Manuel Wrage. Vivid Navigation Gestures is compatible for all the Android devices. It is a paid app and can be downloaded from Google Play for just $2.66.

Vivid Navigation Gestures Features

Signal based route seems as though it will be the following way we get around our mobile phones. We have seen a few executions now, with some obviously superior to other people, yet the entirety of the Android adaptations has up to this point felt restricted. So leave it to the advancement network to create something better. Vivid Navigation Gestures Android App is one such exertion. You can utilize it on any Android gadgets. There are three significant augmentations in the new update they are, the capacity to characterize signals on the left or right sides of the screen, new motion types for more customization, and an app blacklists. In the Home tab, you can characterize how the app functions, including initiation region stature, the special visualization, conduct controls, and the app boycott. Simply this area alone has a great deal to overcome, so setting aside the effort to look at every choice to change Gestures to your taste.

The next tab, Gestures, is the place you get down to setting what does what and where. Of course, there are five dynamic features, three along the base and one on the lower piece of each side of the screen. You find a workable pace dynamic and what isn’t. Things get wild again once you tap the region you need to change since you are welcomed with a considerable rundown of potential motions to utilize and what they are attached to. This app speaks to the best of what Android brings to the table clients regarding customizability. Fluid Effect, Multiple Gesture Areas, Available Gestures, Available Actions, and Hide Navigation bar are comprehensive on the Play Store page of the app. Some Available Gestures are as per the following: Swipe U, Swipe Up and hold, Swipe left, Swipe left and hold, swipe right and hold, swipe down, swipe down and hold, Hold, Double Tap, and Tap.


Signal control is not generally a local element of a phone. You can have it with the Vivid Navigation Gestures app. Rather that snaps and presses of catchy or keys, the phones however has little hands. One hand route can be a test on occasion so motions might be effectively perceived. This app is likewise perfect if some equipment fastens on a gadget are not working.

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