Water Drink Reminder Pro Android App Review

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Water is the driven force of the nature. Water is involved in every body function of an organism. Water Drink Reminder Pro is an android application which reminds you to drink enough water and making you stay in better health. It helps in creating a drinking habit and hydrating your body. This application has won the Google Play Award for the top developer category. It is also supported by Google fit developed by Google which is a health tracking platform for android. This application is a really benefit for persons who forgets to drink water regularly and those who wish to have a fit body. Drinking water also helps in preventing kidney stones, clearing up the skin and helps you to stay in shape.

Track Your Water Drinking Habits

After the successful installation of the app, the user needs to enter their current weight and the application will suggest you the amount of water required by the body every day. Every time the user drinks a cup of water, the user is asked to add a cup in the application. After an interval the application will automatically remind you of drinking another cup of water. The user has the option to select the customized cup they are using for drinking water with different units such as ml and oz. The user can customize the time that they need to drink water in a day and reminders can be known through their wrist watches or through their devices. The drinking habit can be estimated through graphs for each day, in a week, monthly or yearly. The user also have the option to track their weight report in the application. The Drink target is mentioned at the interface of the application and the user can check it over time in a day.

Water Drink Reminder Pro Android App Review


This application runs in a pro version and it is available in Google Play store and it is a paid app. The app is priced $1.88 to download. This application is really useful for one who is health conscious and helps them to reduce weight and to avoid diseases. This application supports Google login and also associates with Google Fit. It is a really useful application for all those who have busy schedules and forgets to drink water. It helps to develop drinking habits and a fit body.

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