White Balance Meter – KEV iPhone App Review

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Your iPhone or iPad becomes a reliable and user-friendly light metre thanks to the KEV app. It’s simple to use the KEV app; no sensor is needed; the built-in camera has you covered. Simple KEV analyses a scene’s live preview and provides precise Kelvin white balance information. It can be annoying to try to find the ideal White Balance on your DSLR. KEV assists you by advising you of the ideal white balance. Without needing to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive expert equipment, anyone can determine the colour temperature of a light source in Kelvin. The white balance is a colour rendition correction that aims to get the image from the camera sensor as close as possible to how the human eye would see it.

Accurate white balance for creators

The app’s features and capabilities include providing you with colour temperature in Kelvin in real-time. It can calculate the white balance data and make adjustments. Additionally, you can take a photo that includes the location and colour temperature reading. The software offers a modest but essential point-and-shoot feature that allows you to manually focus on the scene and objects. Additionally, photographers, videographers, cinematographers, gaffers, drones, and action camera users rely on the app as their go-to spectrometer. The app can help you speed up post-processing. Get colour temperature information with the KEV Watch app on your iPhone by hotshoe mounting it over the camera or on a tripod stand. Additionally, you can zoom in to obtain information on close-range colour temperature.

White Balance Meter - KEV iPhone App Review

Calibarated using Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R

White balance, as its name says, balances the colour temperature of your image. In an effort to return the colour temperature to neutral, it adds the opposing colour to the image. After successfully white balancing an image, whites should appear white rather than blue or orange. In digital photography, “white balance” refers to the process of changing colours to make a picture appear more realistic. In an effort to make the colours in our photos more accurate representations of reality, we go through the process of correcting colours, particularly to remove colour casts. Professional photographers who need to achieve high-quality photographs with accurate subject colour while using a variety of different types and brands of light sources should use the Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700R.

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