Wild Weather app for Android Review

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Weather could make or break your day. Hence it is always handy to get some weather forecast in advance as to what is in the store for you for the day. Wild Weather app for Android helps you to keep tab of the weather status in your places of interest well in advance. You can download Wild Weather app for $1.79 from Google Play Store.

Pretty Elegant Weather App

Wild Weather app for Android combines hand drawn illustrations with accurate forecasts. With colorful landscapes and amazing animations this app will surprise you. Featuring dozens of hand drawn illustrations, Wild Weather for Android matches your location, time of day and current weather condition. Most importantly, it provides an at-a-glance look at the prevailing weather conditions. Wild Weather app stands out from the rest in the way it provides hand drawn illustrations of all kinds of weather. It provides accurate 5 day forecast. It uses Forecast.io aggregated weather data to give you the most accurate local forecast possible. You can view detailed forecast for the next 24 hours. Simply swipe up the home screen to view detailed weather information. The app uses your current location to predict weather. But if you want to add more places, just swipe left and add multiple locations as you prefer.

Wild Weather app for Android Review

The provided local weather details include temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction. The lovely day and pristine night scenes for all weather conditions look beautiful, so are the animated weather conditions. Of course, you can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit. The UI design is largely user friendly. The hand drawn images look nice. Performance wise, it is slick and responsive, and pretty accurate in its forecasts and predictions. The app requires Android OS 4.0+.


Wild Weather for Android is a pretty elegant weather app that is a real break from the other weather apps you’ll find in Google Play Store. It has a pretty simple layout with minimal menus. We found the app to be pretty accurate in its forecasts. It provides most of the relevant weather info right at your fingertips even though it misses out on information such as radar, sunrise/sunset, and humidity. The hand drawn illustrations look nice so are the weather animations. It is also stable. Checking it out if you are scouting for a new reliable weather app to go with your Android device.

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