Windrose: Origin iPhone Game App Review

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Windrose: Origin for iPhone is a fun yet challenging puzzle game suited for people of all ages. In the game, you have to collect the dots and pass through the gate by using the walls strategically. Of course, you should make your moves cleverly to achieve that goal. The app may be downloaded for $0.99.

A Meticulously Crafted Puzzle

Windrose: Origin for iPhone features tried-and-true game mechanics but has challenging puzzles that test your skill. Your ultimate aim in the game is to get three stars on all levels without any hints. To earn the most stars, you got to complete the puzzles in fewer moves. The game also provide solutions if you are stuck. Just wait a bit and the game lets you view the solution to the puzzle. Typical of puzzle games, Windrose: Origin for iPhone has minimalistic aesthetics that is sure to please most of you. Personally, I am a fan of clean and simple graphics. Windrose has just that. The graphics can be best described as pseudo 3D. It features mostly flat visuals, though there are some shadows that appear to give the tiles some depth. The particle effects that are displayed in the trail the “windrose” leaves behind as it moves looks nice on screen. The color palette is awesome, as it features a dark steel gray background with vibrant hues that contrast nicely against it.

Typography is modern, while the animations are fluid and smooth. There was no lag in my iPhone 8. The soundtrack is atmospheric, even though it gets repetitive after a while. Overall, its visual and audio design are impressive. Performance wise, the game is slick and responsive. It requires iOS 9.0+. The best part of Windrose: Origin for iPhone is that once you purchase the app, you will receive updates forever. In the current version, the game got over 60 handcrafted levels.


Windrose: Origin for iPhone game is not unplayable. Anyone or most of you can finish the game. But how quickly you solve the puzzle is what matters. You’ll earn more stars if you finish the levels within fewer moves. If you want to reach 3 stars on each level you should make your moves cleverly. If you are stuck, wait a bit and the game will provide the solutions. The graphics is decent, so is the color distribution on screen. The atmospheric soundtrack is fun to listen to. It is also stable. Check it out if you are a fan of puzzle games.

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