WomanLog Pro Calendar Android App Review

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WomanLog Pro Calendar for Android is a fertility and periods tracker that helps you find your ovulation period. It is a definitive fertility app that helps you get pregnant or avoid unwanted pregnancy. The app is in the form of calendar where you record your data. WomanLog is really simple to use, you just need to tap a day on the calendar to input details.

Family planning in a natural way

WomanLog Pro Calendar for Android helps you in family planning in the most natural means and you can keep off from those contraceptive pills. The interface is simple that has just a calendar and a few menu options. The app is fully featured to deal with the most important aspect of women’s life. All you need to do is enter the first day of your last period. The app will next forecast your next period, your fertility period and when you would ovulate. Most of the main features are present and accessible through the calendar. Tapping a date on the calendar, you can add details and edit the settings. You can add more parameters apart from the menstruation cycle. This includes your mood, weight, temperature and also allows you to track their progress as well. Reminds you to have pills when you are on contraceptives or multivitamins.

WomanLog Calendar app protects all these personal data with a password and can also export it either automatically or manually. It lets you customize the skin and other basic options are available through menu. You can add notes as reminders. In landscape mode the app displays an overview of 3 months data including the individual basal charts.


WomanLog Pro Calendar for Android is an awesome app that lets you get a hold of your biological clock and helps you understand it better. Whether you want a baby or not, or haven’t yet decided, WomanLog is an excellent app to help you with whatever you have decided. The app costs $2.99 with a one-time payment that gives you a lifetime of freedom.

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