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Wonderful Day for Android is a digital diary app used for making diary entries of your daily tasks. Write journal entries and personalize them with different fonts, themes, mood, weather, photos, audio and location information. Based on Seinfeld’s productivity secret, you will be crossing off a day when you complete the tasks. This will create a chain of x. Soon, you will get into the habit of doing the entire task to avoid breaking the chain. The app is priced at $1.99 to download from Google Play Store.

A Digital Diary To Reckon With

Wonderful Day for Android can take the place of your paper calendars. You just need to add the tasks you want to complete, let the app know when you are supposed to do it and check them off when you have completed. If you miss a task, mark it ‘Skipped’. Watch the chain grow and you can see your progress in a giant dot grid. The challenge is not to break the chain of green. Your skipped tasks will be shown in red. The app sends you a reminder every day at 8 AM. You can change this time as per your needs in the Settings sections.

Wonderful Day will allow you to share the progress made anytime on Twitter from the app itself. All entries are saved within the app and you can access them from the index page present in the app. You can send your entries through email, print them or save as a pdf file. If you have an Evernote account, you can sync journal entries to the online account. It also automatically adds entries to the notes and you can export entries to Evernote.


Wonderful Day for Android is indeed a wonderful way to document your wonderful days. Though the app allows you to record most of the events, it does not save songs and video files. Thus keeping mature content away from kids. The app will remind you of all the task only once a day at a time set by you rather than a time you choose for each and every task. Even then, it is an incredibly simple way to keep you motivated to form good habits.

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