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Word Keeper iPhone App keeps track of all your writing projects.Writing can be really hard at times. Whether it is a technical documentation, articles, novels or short stories, you might always feel it as a never ending process. The app helps you motivate your writing process. It sets achievable goals and also inspires you to keep up with it. It does that by giving you insights about your writing habits. Shows all the statistics of the various projects so you will know how far you are from your goal. The app shows your mistakes and where you lag and help you write more consistently.

Plan your writing and execute it neatly

Word Keeper app for iPhone is quite an useful app and gives all features that is worth the money spent. It summarizes all your projects on the dashboard. You will be aware of the writing sessions of each project and also gives a detailed statistics of each. You have a choice of finding the total word count or how many words you learnt per session.

Word Keeper iPhone App is compatible with all iOS devices including Apple Watch. Each project can be given a state of active, inactive or finished. There is a help session to get you accustomed to the various features. The calendar view will give better view of your daily tasks. There inspirational quotes to motivate you. The progress charts show you where you are. The data syncs well with other devices.


Word Keeper app for iPhone is awesome and blessing for those who have chosen writing as their careers and also students. It makes the process more productive. The graph provides a breakdown view of all your project. You can use all the statistics to perform better. It is a daunting task when you are trying to finish a novel or a script within a few months and you are left without any assistance. The app is quite handy in such situations. The app has a minimal payment of $5.99 to download and use. There are no in app purchases or ads.

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