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Writemator for iPhone is a text editor designed to help you focus on your work, rather than confusing you with lots of buttons, menus and options. It has less features when compared with traditional word processing packages. But its design is well thought out that you’ll find writing on it a breeze. The app may be downloaded for $4.99 from iTunes App Store.

Write Seamlessly

Writemator for iPhone is based on old WriteRoom app for iOS, but with new features. Instead of bombarding you with lots of buttons and features like many traditional word processing packages so often do, Writemator is a plaintext editor with Dropbox sync. That means, it has no bold, italic or other formatting, no markdown – though you could write in markdown if you wanted to – and no support for adding pictures or other media. The bottom-line: it got all the features you might need to write on iPhone. Writemator for iPhone supports 64 bit characters. It supports TextExpander Touch Expansion as well as “Import” and “Export” methods of document picker. It also got a huge collection of fonts (150+). It includes newer fonts such as iA Writer Duospace, IBM Plex, SF UI Text, Roboto, Menlo, and Bitter. You may customize your text and background color to any color, line spacing, and font size to make your own writing room. You also got an option to delete links in a document.

Writemator app also comes with a powerful search tool that lets you search for and find every document that contains your search text. You can also quickly search inside a file to search a particular text. Yes, it works great even for a document with more than 500,000 words. Of course, you can sort the folder list by name or date. It is also possible to hide the status bar. Writemator app also supports writing from right to left (such as in Arabic and Urdu). The app is also stable.


Writemator for iPhone is a writer’s delight. The app gives you all the tools (nothing more) that you might require to pen down your thoughts. It supports different fonts, allows color customization, provides drag/drop support, and comes with a powerful search tool that searches out any word/text in seconds. It also provides Dropbox sync, wherein it allows you to choose the folder with which you link in your Dropbox account. You can also store your writings securely using TouchID or passcode. Last but not the least, it works in iOS versions 9-11. Check it out if you are a research scholar, journalist, writer or anyone who often write large amounts of text while on the move.

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