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XtraMath Android App helps get the basics of math in your fingertips. This can be used by kids to practice math at home. It deals mainly with the basic of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You just have to see that kids practice math for about 15 to 20 minutes on a daily basis. This forms the base of doing advanced math like decimals, fractions and square roots. The aim of the app is to get the kids learning math and respond to basic arithmetic questions with ease. It can also be use by teachers such for the benefit of students.

Learn basic of math in a fun and easy way

XtraMath app for android is a great practice tool for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Basic arithmetic is the building block for a child’s education. It is important that they get it right and solve them pretty quickly. You just have to keep aside a few minutes in a day to practice them. All the activities are simple and straightforward forward.

The XtraMath android app assesses the students level of understanding and presents the right method and problem to increase the effectiveness of the practice. Students are certified based on their performance. A weekly performance report is sent to the registered email. The report shows the high, low points and skills they have mastered. Teachers use it as a supplement to aid their regular curriculum.


XtraMath Android App used by math professionals to teach math the easiest way and help students master basics of arithmetic before they face complex math. Math skill is important to shape the future math skill. It imbibed an interest in learning math so kid does not get bogged down with too much to do. The app helps form the basic foundation in mathematical education. Each student’s specific learning skill is considered before presenting with the problems. It gives a positive impact to the student and gets them adapted to the future complex requirements of arithmetic. The app cost just $5.61 to download and use. There are no in app purchases or ads.

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