Year Walk iPhone App Review

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Year Walk for iPhone is a gaming app based on an ancient Swedish phenomenon of year walking. An adventure game that follows a lovelorn soul, who embarks a pilgrimage in order to bring back his one and only in the world of Swedish folklore. You walk about a horrifying world that tests both your mental and emotional strength. A first person adventure game set in both two and three dimensional blurs the thin line of difference between reality and supernatural. The app costs $3.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

Catch a glimpse of future in the darkest possible way

Year Walk iPhone app is entirely a graphical and dark representation of Sweden. As you swipe across the screen moving back and forward, you will find yourself stuck in a horror filled adventure where you are required to use all your sensory to get out of this situation. Throughout the adventure in to this Scandinavian wilderness, you will encounter horrifying situations, mind boggling puzzles, and evocative creatures. You will really have to be observant to solve the dark mysteries of Year Walk.

Year Walk game app makes use of all the inherent features of a smart phone. It is unique and builds the suspense factor as you journey through the unknown world with obstacles thrown at you haphazardly. You will have to make the best use of trial and error to figure out how to use the clues and the various visual and audio cues. The sound effects play another important role in creating such an eerie set up.The atmosphere that been created is intoxication and you will feel compelled to continue through the game.


Year Walk for iPhone app is a compelling piece of elegance and artwork. The free companion app is available in App Store is an encyclopedia of sorts for Year Walk. You can download it and read through the brief history and additional information helps you to wade through the horrifying world to complete the task. With loads of dark secrets to unearth, you will be glued to the screen until you complete the game.

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