Zooper Widget Pro Android App Review

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Zooper Widget Pro for Android displays the data you want in your smartphone on the home screen in a way you want it to be. The app lets you customize any visual element and personalizes your home screen. Zooper has both the design and functional elements to deck your home screen. As the developers quote, it is a minimal, classy, customizable and a battery friendly app.

Make the best of your home screen

Zooper Widget Pro for Android an element that can be placed on the home screen and can be resized to fit the design of your wall paper. The app comes with good selection of built in templates. A few of them are the clock, weather, battery level and the date. To start with you need to add the Zooper widget on the home screen. To add the widget, long press on a location and choose Add Widget or through the application drawer. To add features to your home screen, tap on any of the built in templates available within the app. Each widget comes with a default background color which can be customized. Not just the background, the widget settings can also be customizable. The app offers tons of controls to create your own templates with a WYSIWYG editor that makes use of layers to edit elements.

The Zooper widget uses minimal battery. The feature you have used will do nothing when the phone sleeps. If you have no weather information, the weather widget will not be updated. If you have not asked for a location update, Zooper will not update the location. Similarly, most widgets are built in such a way that your battery will not drain.


Zooper Widget Pro for Android is a do it yourself app with limitless possibilities. With customizable templates and settings that are completely dynamic, the app supports APK themes and buzz launcher. The app costs $2.49 to download from Google Play Store.

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