About Best Apps

BESTAPPS.COM is a website that is committed to providing the best information and resources about the expanding mobile app market. We also will highlight outstanding social media apps that users can access while on the go.

The App Revolution is underway, with the explosive growth and popularity of the iPhone apps, and with new mobile platforms – Google’s Android, Blackberry, Nokia’s Ovi, Microsoft, Verizon, Vodafone, and Samsung, – already launched or on the horizon.
We’re entrepreneurs who’ve started social media, gaming, multimedia, and entertainment companies and sites, and we hope to leverage our diverse experiences and skills to create a fun, vibrant, easy-to-use site for our members, visitors, citizen reviewers and tech gurus to get the inside info on mobile apps or add their own reviews, feedback and comments.

We realize the challenges of reviewing and providing info about the multitude of apps, and please note we’re doing our best to track all the innovative and super apps in the mobile sphere. Pardon us if we’ve missed some golden apps that we’ve neglected or have escaped our radar. When this happens, please alert us and we’ll do our best to track the app down and give it a proper inspection, or request our community of reviewers to provide some input and opinions, and a top-to-bottom review.