Best 10 iPhone Apps 2020

Hey there iPhone user, do you know that there are  now over 2 million applications available for phones? While some apps are just trivial but some of them fall under the best iPhone apps category. However, even in that category, you will find thousands of apps that you can install on your phone.

But, that is not possible and you know it! Installing hundreds of mobile applications will confuse you and will affect the performance of your iPhone too. So, what do you do? We, suggest you look at the list we have made so that you can easily make a choice on what apps you should install on your iPhone. So, without further ado, let us jump into the best list.

All Time Best 20 iPhone Apps You Must Have Updated  February 2020

Google MapsThis amazing app is used by millions of people around the world to know the real-time navigation and find routes to a certain destination. We understand you have an official navigator app on your iPhone but if you want more functionality and accurate navigation Google Maps is a must-have application on your iPhone. Why do we say that? Because Google Maps comes with real-time info about the traffic, helps you find the short-cuts, you can switch between traditional maps and satellite images and most importantly CEO of Apple has recommended using Google Maps.
BufferDo you wish to be a social media wizard? If you do, this app is definitely for you to install on your iPhone. Buffer is the best software application that helps you to manage your social accounts. With the help of buffer, you can schedule your posts on various social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can post your content whenever your followers are most active because buffer gives you a fully analytic data about your viewers, engagements and overall performance of your posts. This means you can increase your presence in social media with this trusted app.
TikTokThis app here doesn’t need any introduction, but for those who are not fully aware of TikTok, it is actually a free application where you upload, share and watch video clips. But, these videos are not just regular video clips, you capture a video of about 15 sec by adding a soundtrack of any hit music right from your iPhone. You can also add filters and stickers to make it more outstanding. Initially, it was available as but in August 2018 it got merged. TikTok has more than 4 million active users. This has become a community where they share comedy videos, lip-sync, martial arts videos and many more.
GmailThis evergreen communication tool is going nowhere in the near future. Started its journey in 2004 and today it is one of the most used email service platforms. Gmail is developed by Google which allows you to send and receive emails from your colleagues, family, and friends. Gmail has a very easy interface, it works smoothly and fast. Another notable trait of Gmail is the amazing uptime and that is why mentioned that Gmail is going nowhere in the near future. And this is why it has more than 1 billion active monthly users.
SnapchatSnapchat is another all-time best iPhone app on this list. It is a multimedia messaging app that is used worldwide. It is available in 22 different languages where you can share photos, texts and do video chat. Initially, it was just about sharing photos then it evolved and now you can put stories in your profile which will remain for 24 hours plus you can perform more other actions. It has over 200 million daily users where mostly are the youngsters below 16.
SkypeThis is perhaps one of the best free communication software application for the iPhone. Skype allows you to make video calls and voice chat between Skype users without any charge. It is not limited to this, people from a regular phone can also call you on skype with the help of a phone number. Skype users can exchange text, emoji, images, make voice and video call. Skype is the most appropriate option for conducting conference meetings online. Why? Because Skype lets you chat with the best audio/video quality and you can add more than 10 users at once. Skype is also used for chatting with people who live overseas.
VineWe know you love Pinterest and Instagram but, Vine is no far behind when it comes to entertaining platforms. We couldn’t help ourselves recommending you Vine because it is easy to use plus you get a lot of fun when you can find all the best video clips instantly. For those who don’t know about Vine, it is a video hosting service that allows you to create or upload video clips right from your iPhone. It also features useful editing tools, options to shoot videos in low light and mute the microphone.
HuluYou got to have this superb and amazing application on your iPhone if you don’t have it by now. Hulu is one of the best legal streaming services that provide TV programs right after they air. The most highlighting feature of the Hulu app is the wide range of organized library. You can choose pretty much anything that you want to see live or on-demand. Hulu has a very easy interface that makes it stand out from other streaming platforms. From a survey done in 2020, it was found that Hulu had 30.4 million subscribers and will continue to grow in the future.
FacebookYou saw it coming, don’t you? Facebook is one of the best and most used social media platforms to date and there is no doubt about it. Facebook application can help you access the interface much faster than the web interface. With the Facebook app, you can easily access Notifications, Messages, News Feed and other options without having to open a separate page in your web browser which will take few extra seconds. Facebook app on the iPhone is much quicker and responsive than android or web. So, having a Facebook app can definitely help you get more responses and engagements from the Facebook family that you could not get from other devices.
NetflixLike many other listed apps above, Netflix is one of the most used applications on the iPhone. It provides exclusive and original TV series such as House of Cards, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things and much more. All you have to do is get a subscription or you can go for a trial too. You can watch all the award-winning shows, documentaries, and more stuff without the interruption of ads. There are multiple membership plans like Mobile plan, Basic Plan, Standard plan, etc. All you have to do is choose a membership plan, create an account (email and password), choose the payment option and boom you are set to stream.
YoutubeYouTube is the most famous video hosting service available today. It was launched in 2005 and since then it collected millions of daily viewers. About 5 billion videos are watched per day on YouTube (Source). You can enjoy without a subscription but if you want to get rid of ads and download a playlist and watch later without an internet connection you can choose the YouTube Premium option. But, choosing the free option is what we recommend because you get to access pretty much everything so you don’t want to spend money on subscriptions. The rest is up to you.
WhatsAppYou can use this amazing application on your iPhone for unlimited texting, video calls, voice conversation and sharing multimedia. WhatsApp is undoubtedly a must-have application on your iPhone. WhatsApp has 1.5 billion daily users and forms a community where they meet up to chat with their family, friends, and colleagues.

You can even create your own group to share confidential information or any general information like holidays, upcoming events, latest updates, etc. The emoji and stickers give it a very funny touch and makes the conversation more engaging and exciting. WhatsApp is banned in some countries (unlucky people) and while you have this amazing app we suggest you give it a try once.
PayPalThe payment method becomes more easy and convenient when you have PayPal on your iPhone. PayPal helps you to send and request money online while replacing traditional transaction methods like check or money orders.
SpotifyMusic is one of the most important aspects that you cannot ignore and for that, you surely need an app where you can get access to millions of songs. This is where Spotify comes in to set your mood. Spotify is a music app for iPhone where you get to listen to songs from record labels and media companies. Podcast is another thing that Spotify offers. The best part of Spotify is even in freemium service you can listen to thousands of songs and podcasts. It also offers premium services where you can listen to music offline and there will be no ads in between. You can even create your own library and share it with your friends or loved ones. Dedicating a song became easy with Spotify.
TouchRetouchThis is a software application for iPhone which offers various tools to make your photo look flawless. TouchRetouch removes all the unwanted elements from your photo be it blemishes from the face or filling empty spaces. TouchRetouch is very easy to use and does not take much time to give the output.
DropboxDropbox is a service provider where you can store your files online. You don’t have to worry about privacy breaches because Dropbox priority is the safety of its users. Source

It allows you to safely save and view your files. You can access these files from your laptop, phone, desktop or tablet. You just need an internet connection. Google Drive is the alternative option, we guess you know about it.Source
MyFitnessPalThis app is for those who are serious about their health or want a physical transformation. MyFitnessPal is a free application for the iPhone where you can keep a track of your diet and exercise. One of the best traits of MyFitnessPal that makes it stand out from the rest fitness app is the easy interface plus simple design. This means people of any age can use it without looking for a “how-to” tutorial. MyFitnessPal uses a very motivating technique that will give you the boost to burn your calories or help you achieve any long-term fitness goals. MyFitnessPal has a database where you can track the nutrition of the food items that you consume daily. Though it is free, MyFitnessPal has a monthly subscription plan where you get access to more features and also get rid of ads.
AmazonShopping is incomplete without this app. Amazon is the number one online retailer platform which allows you to browse anything to make your life comfortable. You can check reviews of certain products and decide which one is much more suitable for you. Amazon offers Gold Box deals which you will be able to see once you have switched on the notifications. But before that, you got to download this amazing application for online shopping.
TwitterThis is again a must-install application on your iPhone. You can follow your friends, favorite celebrities, companies or any influencer. You will instantly get the feeds of people whom you follow. There are more than 320 million monthly users in Twitter who comes to tweet what’s on their mind. It can be a joke, news, retweets, etc. You don’t need to tweet if you don’t want, people use Twitter to just keep an eye on events and updates.
Uber EatsAre you hungry? Great, Uber Eats will help you order food online and will get your stomach full in no time. You don’t want to confuse it with the Uber app that is used for a taxi. In the Uber Eats app, you get to choose from a wide range of food options, you just have to pick what you wish to eat, make the payment through the app by linking your debit or credit card and wait for your delivery boy. You can even track your delivery boy location in real-time.


The world of smart phones has brought a new wave of innovation to the market. The wave which has initiated a plethora of solutions for the users has brought forward exemplary levels of functionality. While the concept and technology behind smart phones is itself very interesting and top notch, the service provided by Apple has made the iPhone rise to the top. With increased user interaction and a service which brings it on another level, iPhone stands out as the best.

The quality control on Apple’s app store is also a bit better then Google’s Play Store. Then there are cases like Snapchat – where the same apps works flawlessly on iPhones but runs terribly on Android devices. The fact that Apple makes both the hardware and the software allows an unparalleled level of functionality for app developers. In other words, there are some things which are easy to do on the iPhone but close to impossible on Android.

The world of the App Store is really big, thus it was impossible to narrow the apps down to 10, but the top 10 applications making rounds as the best of IOS in 2017.

Remente App
Remente App
The Remente application sets out to assist anyone looking for a decent goal setting, mental development and personality development. The app boasts of a very innovative design, which is packed to the rafters with a variety of educational charts and figures. The application helps you to assess your current situation, and lays down the plan for improvement in the nearby future. Once you start following the prerequisites of the application, you would be getting to know of the various needs for your mental development. Simultaneously once you start adhering to the rules provided by the application, you can initiate rewarding all your good performances. There is a subscription fee for Remente, but that will only be charged once you have checked the app and realized that it is good for working on.
Pablo App
The Pablo App
Are you a photographer looking for the perfect experience editing your photos and videos on your prized iPhone? Then you don’t have to worry as Pablo has you covered. Perhaps the best application on the IOS app store for both novice and experience photo editors and video makers, Pablo gives the users the feasibility to create super cool photos and videos. The app is a perfect buy for all light painting enthusiasts and gives the users the added advantage of having to increase their skill set, without paying a penny.
Space by Thix App
The Space by Thix App
The end results that you get from the Space by Thix app will depend on how you approach it. If you look at Space as an app that will allow you the feasibility of gathering knowledge regarding the different galaxies present and their functionality; you are indeed mistaken. Space goes a step further to give the users the luxury of creating a galaxy of their own. Space has a very intriguing and interesting work schedule, which makes users enjoy the fun of having to create a galaxy by themselves. Space by Thix is not entirely flawless, as there are some visible flaws, like the presence of very small figures for the planets in your solar system. The flaws are more than compensated by the exemplary user interactivity which is part of the application. Overall, the idea of having a magical solar system of your own within your palm is very magical and places Space by Thix above the rest.
Load it on your iPhone/iPad

c, because you didn’t have it written down somewhere? Well, the hassle of forgetting all the to-do items is about to go away with the presence of the Complete task manager. The Complete application provides the various users with a chance to manage their daily routine more coherently. The application works hand in hand with many other social sites like Facebook, Amazon Alexa and your contacts to gather all your tasks at one interactive place. The application has a cool widget, with the addition of attractive notifications, which are bound to help us with managing our tasks on a daily basis. The layout gets the job done for the user, without giving a hint of being too flashy or complicated. The price tag is a bit on the higher side, but is completely justified considering the assistance that is provided.
Available for: iOS
iA Writer App
The iA Writer App For iPhone
The thought of writing on the smart phone is not the first choice on the mind of most of the people. iA writer app goes a long way in helping change that perspective. The application provides a writing tool, which is feasible for all users alike. Furthermore, with the added interactivity of keeping intact of the word count and a decent tool box, iA writer has definitely revolutionized the experience of writing, on the go, on your mobile phone. The night vision mode and other focus-oriented viewing options make the application stand out as perfect. The verdict on the app is that your mobile phone still might not be the go to option, while writing a novel or doing a lengthy task, but if you want to write a quick 100-200 words on the go, iA writer is the app to download for you.
Available for: iPhone & iPad
Exacto App
The Exacto app
Ever had the hassle of having a completely perfect photo of yourself, only to find out that the background is completely out of context and extremely distractive? Well, you don’t have to worry as there are plenty of applications that cater to this problem. While there are many apps that help you in removing the random worrying background Exacto, as its name suggests, is all out accurateness and precision. You can use the available pen tool, to tap out a series of blue points on the image, which scrap the outline. Exacto is available at a feasible price, which justifies the service that it provides.

Available for: iOS
Kami 2 App
The Kami 2 App for iOS
A brilliantly developed color game, Kami 2 app is a recently developed puzzle. The application requires you to pick a color, and dissolve the rest of the colors in the one chosen, with a limited amount of options. The app in itself brings forward a game, which can get a bit tricky, but the game in itself is so brilliantly designed that you are always looking to go up the ladder and outdo your previous efforts. The recent feature in Kami 2 assists you in creating your own puzzle and sharing it with the world for them to enjoy and play.
Available for: iOS

BritBox App
The BritBox App for IOS
The BritBox app on the App Store is just what all British dramas, films and documentary fans have been looking for. The application brings forward a plethora of the best work of visual arts produced for the British audience. Furthermore, you will not be requiring any cable or dish connection for the application to run, as it has been created through the understanding of ITV and BBC. The app gives you the luxury of a 7 day free trial, which is followed by a subscription of $7 per month, which is really minimal considering the benefits that can be had.
Available for: iPad, iPhone
Prisma App
The Prisma App for IOS
A very famous well known IOS application, Prisma allows the users to turn their everyday photos into a wonderful work of art. The application boasts of a very exemplary user interface and service, which brings forward ease and comfort, to the user, free of cost. The app within the time period of a few seconds, transforms your pictures into a classical work of Picasso. The only criticism regarding Prisma has been on the low-resolution output, which makes the app feasible for screen use only.
Available for: iOS and Android

Open Road
Open Road App
A lot of people use their phones while driving. Circumnavigating your way across the phone can become a hassle while on the road and can lead to a risky situation. This is where open road, provides the perfect solution. Open Road, gives users the option of creating and managing screens with larger on screen buttons for various actions. Furthermore, there is also a voice mode to limit distractions while driving, and also a parking mode which helps you find your car once you have parked it. Open Day comes with a variety of different car goodies that are deemed to make your car driving experience better.
Available for: iOS

There are many other great apps on the app store, but these 10 apps show a level of polish and usability that makes them some of the best apps for the iPhone.

The Best 10 iPhone Apps 2013

The Instagram App Instagram App at BestApps.comThe Instagram App is the best in photo sharing
Instagram is probably one of the all-time most popular apps that can be used on the iPhone.
The Instagram app’s obvious popularity stems from its simplicity – and that a picture is worth a thousand words. Share videos and photos with followers and friends across the most used social media programs. Instagram also makes it easy to edit photos with some great photo editing tools.
Price: Free
The Breaking News App The Breaking News AppThe Breaking News App from the Associated Press
The Associated Press created a mutli-device capable news service app to deliver local news, international and national. The app also has an alert feature for breaking news that can be turned off by preference of the user. It is one of the best looking of the new reader apps and it is also highly customizable. The AP app is very lightweight and processes news stories very quickly.
Price: Free
Available on several devices including: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Kindle Fire
The Vine App Vine Apps at BestApps.comWhy the Vine App? It’s fun and gets some great laughs.
Even though Vine is mostly used to get a laugh out of a friend with a silly six second, looped video, it can also be a great way to send important and serious sound bites. The editing tools are easy to manage and posting to both Facebook and Twitter is intuitive and fast. There is also a sizeable user community that is growing daily.
Price: Get it for Free
Load it on your iPhone

Share and watch web videos easily with YouTube.
YouTube used to be a default program on all Apple phones and devices, but at the beginning of 2013 this was changed. Instead, YouTube is a separate application, and the improvements that were made to it are a huge improvement.
This streaming video service, a product of Google, recommends things for you to watch, new channels, subscriptions, and can even link up to your Google+ account, as well as other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. It also uses voice recognition software for hands free searching.
Price: Free
Available for: iOS and Android
Candy Crush Candy CrushHave you experienced the rush of Candy Crush?
Candy Crush has earned its ranking among the most popular and downloaded apps, right up there with Farmville and Angry Birds.
There are constantly updates for this gaming, making it seeming never ending. There are currently over 500 levels available for play.
Candy Crush is similar to the classic Bejeweled game. You swap two pieces of candy and cause them to disappear. With the addition of specialty pieces, there are ways to eliminate multiple pieces at once. As you progress through the levels, they become increasingly more challenging, and different obstacles present themselves.
Price: Free
Available for: iOS, Android, and Facebook
Plants Vs Zombies 2 plants vs zombies 2The zombie apocalypse is in your backyard with Plants Vs Zombies 2.
The creators of Plants vs Zombies have finally come out with a sequel to the popular game. This one has even more levels and creatures, and is packed with mini games. The game play is nearly identical to the original, but with more details to graphics.
Price: Free
Available for: iOS
Badlands App at
Badlands for iPhone has really detailed graphics.
If you enjoy playing action adventure games on your iPhone, then check out BadLand. This game has graphics that rival many gaming consoles, but you can play on your phone.
It has 60 different levels for single play, and 20 different levels for multiplayer (up to 4 people).
This game appeals to a wide range of gamers, from novice to expert.
Price: $3.99
Available for: iOS
The Room
The Room at
The Room is a puzzle game with a strategy feel.
Most puzzle games lack any kind of story line or details, but the Room does not fall into that category at all.
You aren’t really given many details on what you are supposed to do, and even less as to why you are doing it; that’s all part of the game!
It’s best to take your time with this one, because once it’s over, it’s over.
Price: $1.99 (iPad), Free (iPhone), and Android ($0.99)
Available for: iPad, iPhone, and Android
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 
Grand Thefts Auto Vice City App
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City; now for your smartphone and tablet!
The GTA franchise was popular from the beginning when it came out for the original PlayStation. Now it’s new and improved and available to go wherever you do on your iOS or Android powered device.
The biggest difference from this and the original is that instead of a wired controller, you have touch controls. Many of the levels and story lines are similar to the original, but the graphics are much better.
Price: $4.99
Available for: iOS and Android
Minecraft – not just for PC or XBox.
Minecraft is an addicting building game. Basically, all you do is build things, but you have to find the supplies to do so, and fight a few creatures along the way.
Join up with friends in multiplayer mode, or play by yourself. Your imagination is the the limit for what you can create in this game.
Price: $6.99
Available for: iOS and Android
*If you're not ready to make the plunge and spend $6.99 there's a free version that lets you test things out.


The 10 Best iPhone Apps 2012

Find My iPhone App
This iPhone app helps iOS users to find their phone, iPod, Mac or iPad. It does require that you have two iOs devices and that the iCloud is turned on for both. The app will send a message and force the missing idevice to sound an alarm until the device is located. This occurs even if the device is muted. The best feature of this app is that it will allow you to wipe out the contents of the device remotely should it be permanently lost.
Angry Birds Space Premium
Haven’t had enough of Angry Birds yet? Well, the good news is that Angry Birds Space Premium is another big hit for the franchise. This app includes sixty all new levels and even have some environment modifications like zero gravity and slow motion. The birds also have new powers as they take their battle with the pigs to space..

Where's My Water?
This challenging puzzle game brings great graphics, excellent playability and a lot of awards from some of the most knowledgeable gamers on the planet. The story is simple, there’s an alligator and he wants to take a shower. So, you help Swampy the Alligator by directing water flow through treacherous conditions until it finally gets to him. Updates to the game are free and this also includes any new levels that are created for this app.
Instagram for iOS devices is a very popular app that allows uses to share their photos. Not only is the service and the app completely free, but so are the filters that can be applied in real-time, using the app. They also allow for unlimited uploads, but the really great feature with the Instagram app is the built in social networking aspects. This is probably one of the reasons that Facebook bought this company.
The Draw Something app
The Draw Something app for iPhone and iPad is basically a version of the popular game Pictionary. The game has a built in coin system, thousands of words which are updated frequently and also has a try before you buy version. The popularity of this game comes from the ability to tie into the user’s Facebook profile to share the gaming experience with friends.
Minecraft – Pocket Edition
Minecraft is an amazingly addictive world building social community that has taken the gaming world by storm. Ever wanted to build your own castle, dungeon or paradise? Minecraft lets you create the world and play in it. The game allows for multiplayer use and the worlds can be saved right to your iPhone. One of the new popular features is the randomization world builder.
Dragon Go!
This iphone app is considered to the behind the scenese coding for Siri. The app recognizes users’ voices. It has the ability to understand natural speech. Another great feature to this app is that it is returns results that are highly accurate.
The iHeartRadio app lets you choose from over a thousand live radio stations or even create your own station with your particular musical tastes. This app is beginning to surpass Pandora in its functionality and popularity. The personalization features make iHeartRadio a very unique radio app for the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices.
iTranslate ~ the free translator

If you have ever watched Star Trek and now want a universal translator of your very own, then this is the iPhone app that can provide that for you. Speak in your native language and have it translated to any of over fifty other languages. Speech to speech translation gives you a clear advantage when traveling to countries where your native language is not predominantly spoken. Voice recognition is available for 16 languages currently but the app supports much more than that for the text translations.

If you haven’t yet heard of Groupon, then you need this app. If you have heard of Groupon then you probably already have it installed. You can use this app to find the best deals on restaurants and other local businesses. Not just any discounts, the way that this company has set it up is that you can actually get anywhere from half off to ninety percent off with their great deals. Saving money is the new trend and this iPhone app is the best way to do it.


The 10 Best iPhone Apps 2011

Paper Toss
Paper Toss is the ultimate app for saving the environment. While this app has no intention of saving the environment, the side benefit of the game is you no longer have to use actual paper to make a basket in the trash can. Paper Toss is as simple as it sounds; you take one wadded up piece of paper, aim at the trash and shoot. This app has already been installed over 22 million times.
SmartDating maybe the best iPhone dating app ever made, the app is free and has many features and easy to use. SmartDating app has become very popular very fast and its FREE.
Dragon Dictation
Dragon Dictation uses Dragon® NaturallySpeaking® to give you the ability to translate spoken word into text. Hmm, I wonder how this could help millions of people that have become entirely addicted to texting and social networking? Dragon Dictation let’s you speak email, texts and even status updates for Twitter and Facebook. This is a definite download and an app that you will most likely use on a daily basis.
EvEx App iPhone

EvEx App iPhone

This app gives women a way to include more exercise in their hectic daily lives. Everywhere Exercise (EvEx app) gives photos and instructions on how to perform exercises that can be done anywhere. If you are at the grocery store standing in line or even while at a meeting, you can use EvEx and get the best exercise for that situation. EvEx can be used as a supplement to your personal workout plan or even be used as your workout program
ShopShop – Shopping List
ShopShop is a great app that you will use every time you go to the grocery store. It’s much more than just a note of what to get, it’s interactive and stores your selections. Once you pick up the bread, cross it off with a swipe of the finger. ShopShop is a really handy app that will get a lot of use on your iPhone.



Get your headlines, scores, weather and pictures all in one place with USA TODAY. Find out the latest happenings both locally and nationally. You can even share your fav galleries of photos with your friends using email. If you follow MLB, NFL, NHL or NBA, then add this app to grab your news. is a great app to have if you play a lot of Words with Friends. Knowledge is power and this app is very knowledgeable about words with over 2 million in the database. You can even get antonyms and synonyms. The same great word information that you are used to getting from, just in an app.
10,500+ Cool Facts
Use 10,500+ Cool Facts to impress your friends or show up that no-it-all in your life with interesting cool facts. Fun app that is highly popular in the trivia community. 10,500+ Cool Facts is a great way to throw in random information into any conversation or just to make you sound like you are a trivia genius.
Red Laser
Red Laser is a barcode scanner that can read nearly every type of barcode in existence. It reads the barcode you scan in and find that product across the internet so that you can compare prices and find the lowest. You can even send the scanned product through an email to your friends.
Still popular after all of these years, PAC-MAN Lite lets you chase down glowing dots for points. This is still the same great fun that has been around since the eighties but now as an app. Run around a maze clearing dots as ghosts try to eat you. Turn the tables with a power dot that allows you to fight the ghosts. Good times.
Words with Friends
Words with Friends is a fun word game that is pretty much the game you already know and love. That game starts with an S and ends with a Crabble. Highly addictive, challenge your friends, pick the ones that can’t spell if you really want to demolish them. Words with Friends Free is a fun turn based diversion that can make a boring day at work something a little more tolerable.

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