Best Facebook Apps

10 Best Facebook Apps 2010

1. Where I’ve Been

You get to show the world all the places that you’ve been and visited. This will show a digtal footprint of all your travels, with content, including a travelogue, tips, videos, and a photo journal

2. Social Connect – Facebook Lifestyle and Dating App  (Voted Best Dating App 2011)

A super app that might just invent a whole new way for singles and friends to connect for fun – Social Connect. This app combines social gaming, rating, virtual gifting, digital greetings, inviting, and also offers a safety platform for meetings and dates.

3. Causes

This outstanding app allows users to donate to their favorite causes and organizations and faciliates a way for donors and users to monitor the contributions, as well as to get others to donate a digital grassroot level.

4. Music

Get real-time playlists and digital tunes feeds and share with friends, so you have your own portable jukebox wherever you go.

5. Marketplace

The digital agora for selling, buying, bargaining items, with info about the sellers and buyers. Looking for that special item for going to that party or adding to your collection, then the Marketplace is for you.

6. Picnik

For photo lovers and amateur photographers who want to edit their photos before uploading, without having to use fancy and expensive photo editing software.

7. Jobster

This app has elements of careerbuilder,, and combines those elements with a Linkedin-like professional netweking platform, so job seekers and recruiters can check out the best fit for their respective positions.

8. Application Builder

Have a great idea for an app? But short on cash and short on high-level coding and programming skills? Well, this might be for you. You might not create the next Farmville, Evernote, or LivingSocial, but this could at least get your idea and app on the market – fast!

9. Games Mafia Wars

So you want to get “made”, and become a mafia soldier or consigliere? Make sure you get your friends close, and your enemies even closer, because if you play the game right, you might just get “made”, and then you’re really in the game, fella!

10. FarmVille

Over 70 million people have gone to the farm, at least this digital kind,  to plant crops, harvest, and work with other farmers to expand and get back to nature. And you get to keep your hands clean and without blisters. And you don’t have to worry about stepping into cow-dung. It’s called Farmville — just go MOO,  and you’ll have farm fun and take it to the bank!

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