About iPhones

About Iphones:

Name: iPhone in Enterprise




iPhones are great business phones because of its various features that make it one revolutionary mobile device in the market today. The iPhone 2.0 software installed in the device does more for your enterprise since it delivers push contacts, calendars, and emails, and support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. iPhone users have the access to corporate resources such as Cisco IPSec VPN and wireless services with 802.1X and WPA2 Enterprise authentication. 


User Interaction:


With iPhone in Enterprise, users can have the best email via the mobile device, do minute updates with the calendars, more powerful contacts, do desktop-class web browsing, enterprise applications, and smarter phone features.


User Interface:


Compared to any other mobile devices, the email service of iPhone offers a great viewing experience to users. The rich HTML format of the iPhone’s email service acts similarly with your own computer. Attachments of files like JPEG, PDF, Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel, and Word can be done exactly the same as they are designed to be. With just one tap of a finger, users can be able to zoom in important information. Since iPhones have the built-in support from Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, it allows users to get all the advantages of push mail.


iPhones in enterprise has the multi-touch interface of mobile calendar application that is simple or intuitive to use. To accept or decline a meeting invitation, tapping is all you have to do. By tapping again, users can add alerts, review the meeting agenda, and check who attended the meeting as well as scheduling conflicts. The color-coding of the calendar applications makes the entries easy to view and organize at a glance. With the integrated support for time zones and push calendar features, the users can stay updated no matter what location they are in.


Since iPhones are great business phones, it ensures feature on powerful contacts. With the use of search feature, the contact list can be scrolled down simply and easily. Wherever you are, you can add or change a contact from the list and update his or her information. The contact feature of iPhones in Enterprise is integrated with other features such as SMS, Safari, and Maps. You can find client offices using Maps with GPS. To confirm, you can get directions and the map listings directly. You can even add vCards that are received via email.


iPhones in Enterprise uses the most advanced browser on a mobile device, which is the Safari. Safari displays the entire webpage in iPhones exactly the way it should be. It is supported with web standards such as Cisco IPSec VPN and SSL that makes iPhones deliver secured access to corporate users of intranet so they can access their company resources whatever location they are in.


Because of the customized and designed enterprise applications that iPhones support, it now becomes a necessity mobile device for businesses. With the use of iPhone SDK, a business or enterprise can easily create customized applications that will make use of the advantages from key iPhone technologies such as GPS, fast wireless connectivity, and multi-touch interface. Moreover, with these customized enterprise applications, company can now deploy their in-house applications through synchronizations from iTunes to authorized iPhones.


What makes the iPhone in Enterprise a great business phone is because of its smarter phone features. It is revolutionary mobile device that helps manage your daily work calls and fast track the key information of the messages. Its Visual Voicemail feature allows users to prioritize on which messages to listen first. Merging and swapping calls are relatively easy as well as initiating conference calls.


Utility and Productivity:


As an enterprise user of iPhone you must know how to integrate your mobile device into your enterprise. With the support for the industry-standard corporate security standards and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, IT professionals can effortlessly integrate iPhones into the corporate environments. Among the features includes in the integration are the remote wipe, device configuration, more VPN protocols, enforced security policies, WPA2/802.1X, certificates and identities, Global Address List support or GAL, push calendar, push contacts, and push email.




(9.0 out of 10) iPhone in Enterprise is highly considered a must-have necessity. With its various great features, iPhone is truly beneficial for all business users. Among the many benefits of iPhones to business users are finding the address of a customer office, getting directions with GPS-powered Maps, sending SMS messages to multiple recipients, getting a one-tap weather report before going to the next business trip, checking stocks in glance, writing notes to save or email, and even do complex calculations using iPhone’s built-in scientific calculator.