Acrobits Softphone iPhone App Review

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Many of the most common providers are pre-configured in Acrobits Softphone. Download Acrobits Softphone for iPhone to remain in touch with friends, family, and coworkers with an app designed to provide high-quality conversations, a more secure experience, and a simple user interface. The app provides high-quality audio, allowing for crystal-clear communication. Opus, G.722, G.729, G.711, iLBC, and GSM audio formats are supported by the app. Another benefit is that the app’s built-in messaging platform allows you to swiftly send SMS or rich messages to your contacts. You may also utilize their private encryption stack, which includes SRTP, ZRTP, and TLS, to keep your data safe. The app supports HD-quality video, allowing you to communicate in up to 720p HD and supporting both H.264 and VP8.

Call & Video Conference in High Quality

Without exhausting your battery, Acrobits Softphone uses its push notifications service (which operates in the background) to inform you of incoming calls, texts, and other events. To keep in continual touch with the network, the app would consume your phone’s processing power and deplete your battery if you didn’t have them. Because they aren’t resource-intensive, push notifications offer a battery-friendly alternative to real-time alerts. Acrobits Softphone has a lot of customization options. With the use of the app, you may customize your SIP settings, the UI, ringtones, and more. To accommodate network changes, the app’s SIP stack employs a clever method. To eliminate phone drop-offs during handovers, they designed a system that minimizes the effect of changes.

Acrobits Softphone iPhone App Review

Customized app with push notifications

It stays on the original cellular data network, giving you a consistent audio experience, and only switches over when your call is ended. With a 5G-ready SIP softphone, you can take advantage of all the benefits that 5G has to offer. It is compatible with a variety of devices. Most Apple smartphones and tablets are compatible with Acrobits Softphone. The app developers have a product designed specifically for businesses and service providers. The white label packages from Cloud Softphone make it simple to stay on top of the hybrid workplace with the app. Each Acrobits Softphone licence includes lifetime support and unlimited upgrades, as well as a one-time installation charge. The app is priced $6.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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