aeGis Donate App for Android Review

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Free app developers usually derive revenue through ads. But there are few who are prepared to save potential users from annoying ads, and instead provide willing users to donate some money on free will. aeGis Donate app for Android is one such app that users can purchase by paying $1.99. Those who don’t want to pay any money may opt for the completely free of cost version of aeGis Android App.

aegis App Features

aeGis Donate app for Android is a security app that helps you locate and track your phone if it goes missing or is stolen by receiving SMS updates of its location. It comes with a bunch of utilities; for example, using the app, you can remotely lock your phone, erase the data/information it contains, backup its call logs and SMS to cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, locate the phone using GPS, or even set off an alarm.

You start with assigning different activation codes to the various functions that aeGis can perform. You can also assign a global password to access the application. If the device has been stolen or lost, you can activate the alarm remotely. However, the alarm sound is not any good, and might not be very useful in case the phone is stolen. But still you can use this feature to find your phone if it’s misplaced in your home somewhere. The app also provides another option to track your lost phone though SMS. That is, once your phone receives an activation SMS, it sends out detailed GPS coordinates of its current location.

aeGis Donate App for Android

Further, you can remotely unlock your phone. There is also an option to erase all your phone data if the phone has been locked remotely. Once you complete an action through SMS, the app will respond with a confirmation message. That’ll give you a fair idea of what is happening in real time.

But what if the person who steals your phone uninstalls the app itself? Fortunately, aeGis Android app got some features to defend itself of such an eventuality. For example, you can install the app to the system directory so that it stays even after a data wipe. But you got to have root access to do that. There is also an option to call up the app using a dialer code, in case you’ve keep the app hidden from the app tray.


You need apps such as aeGis app for Android if you care about the security of your data in your phones. Its USP is that you can activate its various features via SMS, including remote data wipe or obtaining its GPS coordinates to locate the lost phone. And the app performs quite reliably as well. Verdict: Good one.

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