AfterFocus Pro App for Android Review

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Aren’t you baffled to know that, Android phones can also give you a DSLR effect? The Bokeh effect, Background Blur Effect and the AfterFocus Effects are at your finger tips now which earlier were just reserved for much more expensive cameras. You can download the AfterFocus Pro App for Android for just $1.99 from Google Play Store and enjoy the world of difference.

AfterFocus Pro App Features

AfterFocus Pro Android app provides Smart Focus Area selection mode. This photography app allows you to focus a particular area and apply filters. Its quiet certain, that when a distant object is focused the background becomes indistinct. But the AfterFocus app adds functionality to your phones camera. Drawing some lines inside the focus area and the background allows AfterFocus Pro App to automatically recognize the focal area. While editing the snap you get two options; ‘‘Smart’’ or ‘‘Manual’’. The Smart Mode is semi-automatic and is the best one with correctors like, “Undo”, “Erase” and “Black Lines”.

AfterFocus Pro App for Android

Apart from this, the Background Blur Effect allows you to create more realistic blur with various aperture styles just like the ones in DSLR camera. After editing Focus Area, you can select blur degree and select the aperture shape and apply Fading. In order to lay emphasis on moving objects, special feature like “Motion Blur Effect” is also available. Filter Effect is another feature of AfterFocus Pro App. The availability of basic effects to professional effects like Cross Process makes the picture look natural. Applying up to 14 filters will do wonders. In addition to it, you can accentuate the spot light on the background using Bokeh Effect.

Further, the Double Photo helps you to evade the need to draw the Focus Area. Once you have taken the picture of an object, move slightly to the right to take another picture of the same object. By doing this it will analyze the images and recognize the nearest object. To top it all, the entire finished picture can be shared through e-mails and SNS that are installed in your phone.


AfterFocus Pro App for Android allows you to work faster and effectively on smart phones with small screens. With the realistic filters effect you enjoy photographing and photo editing even more. Verdict; Being a professional photographer is not just a dream anymore with AfterFocus Pro App.

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