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comes to deciding on transportation options between airports and city centers. Now the print edition has been replaced by the iPhone app, loaded with the entire Airport Transit Guide database. The Airport Transit Guide app for iPhone is available for download from App Store for $9.99 per license.

The Application

Airport Transit Guide iPhone app offers virtually everything its print version previously had. Featured are ground transportation details of 460 odd airports from across the globe. The guide also details taxi rates to the city and outlying points, alongside tipping advices. Easy access to the website and telephone listings of airport, taxi services, and shuttle services to and from the airport are also provided. Another notable feature of the Airport Transit Guide application is the presence of handicap traveler information.

iPhone Airport Transit Guide App

The iPhone Airport Transit Guide app also details the schedules and fares of airport coach, limo, and van shuttle services. The train, subway and bus fares alongside their timetables and routes are also bundled in. Also included are information on car-rental agencies, inter-airport connections, cruise-port transfers and helicopter services. You could even find information on the parking rates in various cities.

From a user perspective, having all these information in your iPhone will help you to make informed comparisons and money saving decisions as far as traveling from the airport to the city and back is concerned. The interface of Airport Transit Guide app is well laid out and easy to decipher, even though the sheer amount of information available could overload your senses at times. The application database is frequently updated so that you’ll get to access the latest information all the time.


Airport Transit Guide app for iPhone comes as a handy tool for frequent fliers or business people, who globe trot quite often as part of their professional lives. The app database offers comprehensive and updated information on ground transportation details pertaining to all major airports across the globe. By providing you with these details, the app lets you make the right choices and money saving decisions, every time you fly out of your city. The Airport Transit Guide iPhone application is responsive, easy to navigate, and quite useful. And its price tag of $9.99 is never higher either, given the utility quotient it brings with it.

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