All the directions you could need in one place with Yellow Pages app for iPhone

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If you are truly interested in getting a free app that can do a lot for you, Yellow Pages app for iPhone may seem like an odd one to go with. After all, this app doesn’t really seem like an app that would have a big pedigree but it is one that turns out to be tough to beat when you really get into the nitty gritty of what makes this app run.

The phonebook reinvented

Many people in the younger generation don’t even know what Yellow Pages are since they’ve never really had to use the phonebook in their life. The earlier editions of Yellow Pages iPhone app were not that great as well and therefore many people ended up passing on downloading the app despite its free cost. That was then and this is now though and the phonebook has been completely reinvented in a good way through this app for the iPhone.

Start with information and go from there

Yellow Pages app for iPhone gives you the chance to look up different businesses just as you’d be able to do in a phonebook. At the same it gives you the chance to automatically locate your own location so that you can see how close the discovered businesses are to your present location. This allows you to make better decisions about where you’d like to go.

Not only do you get these basic phonebook features from Yellow Pages iPhone mobile application, but you also get the chance to take the businesses you like and add them directly to your contact list. You can use Google Maps to get the full scoop on all of those businesses and if you’d like you can even get specific directions on how to get to that location from where you currently are. Common search terms such as pizza, car repair, doctor’s office and restaurant are already pre-searched for you so that you can just click on the button to bring up different businesses fitting those descriptions.

Final Score

Yellow Pages app for iPhone is a mobile application that has taken great leaps to reinvent itself into something good. This is true first of the transition from paper phonebook to electronic application and second of the transition from electronic application mediocre to electronic application extraordinaire. Our final score for Yellow Pages iPhone app that has really come a long way since it started is now 9 out of 10.

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