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Are you curious about post-credit scenes in a movie? With Anything After app for iPhone at your disposal, you don’t have to wait until the movie theater indicates the same by keeping the house lights low. It let you know in advance if a particular movie has got some interesting post-credit shots. You can download Anything After iPhone app from iTunes App Store for free of cost, as a limited time offer. Otherwise it costs $0.99.

Anything After App Features

There is nothing worse than leaving the theater and later learning that you’ve missed out an important post-credit shot. Anything After app for iPhone lets you know which films got post-credit scenes or ‘stinger’ as it is also called. The app basically saves you from missing a post credit scene or waiting for no reason if there isn’t any. Those who do not know what a stinger is, it is a short clip that appears after some or all of the closing credits of a movie have run. It is usually either included for humor (where it may be called a “stinger gag”) or to set up a possible sequel, as well as to encourage the audience to stay through the credits during the theatrical release.

iPhone Anything After app neatly organizes what is in theater, and what is new/coming next? Click on one, and you’ll get a brief info on the movie, including its duration, no. of likes and if there is a stinger in the end. Further, you can specify, after watching the movie, if the scene was during/after the credits, does it hint at a sequel, was it worth the wait, or was it funny? However, the app does not show stinger info on movies that are out of theaters or in store shelves. It only displays post-credit details of movies currently in theaters or those that are releasing soon. Such little downsides apart, the application performs reasonably well. Anything After is designed to work with iOS versions 5.0 or higher.


Anything After app for iPhone could save you from the embarrassment of missing out on an important sequel info shown as part of post-credits. From the app, you could find out which movies got post-credit shots and if they are worth your time. You can also provide your own feedback after watching the movie from the app. The only letdown is that the app is virtually clueless about movies that are out of the theater. To sum it up, an application that would come handy for all movie buffs out there.

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