Audio Control App for Android Review

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Audio Control app for Android lets you switch to a user-defined volume preset on your Android device. In fact, you can have multiple audio profiles, and easily switch between these profiles whenever required. Audio Control Android app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for a nominal $1.99.

How Audio Control Android App works?

Audio Control app for Android basically let you manage unique audio profiles and switch between them with ease. There is no limit to the number of profiles you can create, and in each profile, you can have individual volume levels for your ringer, call, notifications, speakerphone, media, alarms, and even the OS itself. Further, for your calls/notifications, you can have a custom ringer mode and separate vibration settings.

It is also possible to view all the volume levels under the currently active profile on your home screen using the app’s customizable widgets. So, in order to define audio profiles, tap on the ‘Profiles’ button at the bottom of the home screen, click on ‘Create New Profile’ screen, give it a name, and adjust the different volume sliders, as well as ringer and vibrate settings to your liking. One done that much, tap on ‘save’. Your profile has been created. There are 12 widgets that are completely customizable. The profile widget is resizable and can have multiple instances.

Audio Control App for Android

Android Audio Control app is also one of the user friendly managers for audio profiles. For example, you can identify the audio profiles by just looking at the icon; the icon depicts the sound levels set for the respective profile. Those who’re finding it tough to understand the various controls, take few minutes to go through the app’s tutorial. It’ll take you step-by-step through the whole interface. Further, if you wish to change audio profiles dynamically, you can use the schedule feature; the application automatically switches the audio profiles based on the time frame you’ve set for each of them.

If you don’t wish to miss a call/email/SMS, you can set it as exceptions under ‘create exceptions’ screen. The ‘Profile Widget’ lets you switch between various profiles from the home screen.
Audio Control application is compatible with Android versions 2.2 and upwards.


Audio Control app for Android let you control and mange your audio profiles in a way you might not have experienced before. Using the app, you can have unlimited number of customized profiles, each tailor-made on your preferences. The ‘scheduling’ and ‘exceptions’ option ensures that you’re never on the wrong profile any time of day/night. Above all, it is easy, fast, and reliable. If you have reservations on the price tag may try out Audio Control Lite, the ad-supported free version of the app.

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