Balance: Meditation & Sleep Android App Review

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Balance: Meditation & Sleep for Android offers personalized program that is adapted to your lifestyle. Now a days, stress has been the major cause of fatalities and other serious illnesses. Stress will cause sleep disorders, anxiety, high blood pressure which will lead to heart and brain stroke. The app will teach you to relax and meditate. It will eventually reduce stress, improve your mood and give you better sleep. The app provides bite sized exercises, unwinding activities, breathing exercises and other that will keep you away from stress. The personal coach for meditation does the job dutifully.

Learn The Art Of Meditation And Stay Away From Stress

Balance: Meditation & Sleep for Android is a simple and intuitive app that provides tailormade guidance for a personalized meditation. The app will assess your mood, experience and your goal to understand your need. It provides a 10-day plan to help you develop, practice and master the required meditation skills. The bite sized meditation will help you practice and get used to the different meditation technique easily. You get more out of little things in life. Each session is customizable including the duration. All activities are research backed that will help you stay healthy and calm. The animated breathing exercises will help you be calm quickly. There are 10 concrete meditation techniques that also includes labeling, body scan and breath focus and others. There are reward badges to keep you motivated to complete all the sessions.

Balance Meditation Sleep Android App


Balance: Meditation & Sleep is not an one size fits for all kind of an app. It is completely personalized to your needs as they understand that all of us have our own way of relaxing, resting, finding focus and happiness. There are thousands of possibilities and the app helps you find your goal in your own way. The app requires Android 5.0 and up and is free to use for the first year of use. The app has in-app products from $5.99 to $74.99 per item. You can also opt for a lifetime subscription with a onetime fixed payment.

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