Beastcam Advanced Camera App for iPhone Review

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Beastcam Pro for iPhone is an advanced camera app which makes taking the greatest images and films with your iPhone easier than ever. It’s quick and simple to use, yet when you need it, it’s as powerful and customised as a professional camera. Beastcam is a fantastic pro video camera app for learning how to use manual settings. Before you can use Beastcam, you don’t need to understand how the main controls work in connection to one another. The Beastcam’s straightforward design, quick-access buttons, exact value sliders, focus, and exposure reticles make it simple to configure, fine-tune, and lock the most crucial settings you need in seconds, including as focus, exposure, zoom, white balance, and more. All of this may be accessed with a simple tap on the app’s home screen.

Most Advanced Camera App with Complete Control

With high performance bit rates and adjustable FPS (frames per second), resolution, white balance, exposure, focus, and zoom options, you can effortlessly capture cinematic masterpieces. With completely manual settings, numerous aspect ratio options, JPEG, HEIF, and RAW file formats, and more, you can capture the ideal photo every time. With built-in support for anamorphic lenses and DOF (SLR/DSLR) lens adapters, the programme improves your photo and video quality. It also improves your sound quality with external microphones and dials in the right settings for your surroundings, such as gain, audio format, and sample rates. You can speed up and organise your workflow using this app’s customized presets, which you may keep on your device and/or in the cloud.

Beastcam Advanced Camera App

Advanced Presets & Hardware Support

Focus peaking, zebra stripes, false colours, histogram, level, grid, aspect ratio instructions, and an audio level metre make it simpler to compose and monitor your photos. Use 1:1, 2.39:1, and 2.76:1 aspect ratio guidelines and grids to compose your images. Video qualities provided are 4K 3840×2160, QHD 2560×1440, FHD 1920×1080 or HD 1280×720 resolution The app also features a built-in flash/torch control feature. Create projects and scenes that auto-generate legible file names based on the project name, scene name, and take # and prioritize your finest video (or remove your worst) with a single touch as soon as you’ve completed recording, or later in the built-in gallery. There are custom settings/rules for a new start, and gesture controls make it simple to modify exposure, focus, and zoom. The app is priced $4.99 to download from iTunes App Store.

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