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If you are a fan of visual indicators, probably you’ll like BeBuzz app for Blackberry. Blackberry usually flashes under two conditions: you’ll see a red flashing LED, if there is a new message/alert and a pale green LED flash if the device is low on battery. With BeBuzz app, you can customize LED colors so that you can have a different color flashing for different events, thereby giving you sufficient hint as to what is incoming, without having to turn on the screen. Blackberry BeBuzz app comes at a price tag of $5.99 USD.

The Application

BeBuzz app for Blackberry let you customize LED colors, and you can have unlimited number of custom LED colors. This can be for SMS, tasks, email messages, Blackberry messenger and other third party chat applications such as AOL, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger, or even messages from specific contacts in the address book. Further, you can set the LED flashes to be single color flash or a series of flashes.

Further, BeBuzz Blackberry application lets you set continuous audio reminders for incoming messages and notifications, which goes on until you check the said message/notification. This feature is especially useful if you are often away from your Blackberry. Other features that BeBuzz brings to the table include on-screen reminders and the feature wherein the phone vibrate and ring simultaneously, rather than alternating. The BeBuzz application has been optimized for minimal battery consumption and memory usage. So even if the application runs in the background all the time, you won’t feel it while using your Blackberry.

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Finally, the user interface is quite user friendly, and easy to navigate. Setting up the LED color(s) for various events is also pretty straightforward a process that even a first timer won’t find it difficult. Download and installation is easy, even though a battery pull may be necessary post installation.


BeBuzz app for Blackberry lets you customize LED colors to indicate different events, such as an incoming message/email, contacts in the address book, tasks or even a calendar event, in your Blackberry so that you’ll know what is happening even without looking at the screen. From usability perspective, the app is easy to use, reliable, and quite soft on battery. But its price tag of USD 5.99 seems a bit high. Verdict: Useful addition to your repository of Blackberry apps, the only downside being its higher price tag.

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