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Infinity Blade is the game that keeps on giving.  You’ll pay $5.99 for the app on iPhone and you’ll get hundreds of hours of game play.  The recent update on June 21st added multiplayer matches in an arena and stats updates in the Game Center.  There are also some fun helmets that are holiday themed along with a ton of new magic rings, shields and swords. Infinity Blade has won several awards this year and it’s easy to see why.

Infinity Blade has a dynamic first person campaign that takes you through an elaborate medieval world that sets you on a quest to the Dark Citadel to defeat the minions of the ‘God King’.  Unfortunately for you, his minions happen to be Titans, so it’s a good thing you can gear up with armor and weapons in your quest to take back the land that was truly meant to be ruled by you.  At the root of the game system is the classic hack and slash for experience mentality.  It really works though and for a few great reasons.  The graphics are awe inspiring, the game play is intuitive and Infinity Blade creates a world that is fun to be in.  Level up your character and get better health, attack, spells, you know the drill, you’ll just be doing it in a world that looks amazing.


Unreal Engine 3, Stunning Graphics

Easy to Navigate

Achievements, Leaderboards and now Game Center Arena

Multi Language Support


Infinity Blade gets 9 out of 10.  It is the most impressive games found on the iPhone and iPad and with continued free content updates, it really stands apart from any other game in the genre.  The cost of the app is well worth it because the game offers and unlimited amount of playing with the multiplayer feature.  If you are a fan of medieval role-playing games or just hack and slash brutality with spell casting and sharp blades, then you’ll find that Infinity Blade is the best app that you’ve been looking for.


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