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| February 26, 2011

Feb 26, 2011  Best Apps Reviews Apps for Android Pew Pew

If you are looking for a quirky little throwback to the 80’s video game era or a combination of the games Tempest and Asteroids then Pew Pew is a definite install.  This game has a few negatives and one very big positive and that is that is just fun.

Pew Pew

A fun little shooter with fast paced game play, seriously retro graphics, in a cool way and as the developer claims one of the best features; high fps.  Of course, eighties graphics would have high framerate per second, so that’s a given and a very interesting selling point to make.


Game Modes

Pew Pew offers four different game modes:

Chromatic Conflict (NSF color blinds):
Enemies of different color appear. You can only destroy the ones that are the same color as your ship.

You fight against waves of enemies. Spoiler: at the end, they win and you die.

Dodge this:
As you collect boxes, there are more and more enemies moving around. Naturally, you have to dodge them all.

Some enemies explode when they die, and the other spin maniacally everywhere. Hide from the explosions or deftly go through them.


High frame rate for certain.  The developer claims that there game play is finely tuned, but there are still a few problems occasionally with the controls.  Online leader boards are great though.  There’s nothing like a game that lets you show off your high score.  Online replays are also a cool little feature, especially for those that are stuck on a level or just want to learn different techniques in playing the game.  They are planning on a few additions such as optimized menus in the next update as well as more stable server connections and optimization as well as improved sound effects.

Final Score

The Pew Pew app for Android is a fun shooter and takes you back to the eighties, even if you weren’t there.  Best App Reviews scores Pew Pew for Android as an 8/10.

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