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Blackbar is a text based game. It might interest those who’re looking for an excuse to read, and enjoy the experience. At the core, Blackbar for iPhone is a word puzzle, with elements of logical puzzle. You can get Blackbar game for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


Blackbar for iPhone is an epistolary text adventure game. It unfolds as a series of letters sent between two friends. There are also letters from an unnamed rebel agency as well as a shadowy government surveillance agency. You, as a player, uncover the story by reviewing these letters. Almost all letters have black bars over parts of the text, since those letters have been redacted from the letters by DOC censors. You can tell how many letters are there in the word and this help you to plug in with the right word. Once you fill in with the right word, it changes from the black bar to a highlighted yellow text. To find out the words, you got to have a decent vocabulary and understand the context of the text.

Blackbar game app for iPhone

In a sense, Blackbar for iPhone feels like a fill in the blanks type of puzzle. But you’ll relish the experience as you clear levels and slowly gets drawn deeper into the story. The story is interesting and the fact that everything is not laid out in front you adds to the game’s mysterious appeal. Those who love logic games and puzzles will feel at home with Blackbar for iPhone. Performance wise, the app is stable and responsive. On the flipside, Blackbar for iPhone might not appeal to those who want decent graphics. Blackbar does not have it. Also, watch out for some mild profanity in the text. Further, the game is a bit pricey for a relatively short game. The app is compatible with iOS 6.1 or later.

Final Thoughts

Blackbar for iPhone will appeal to people who love puzzle based text games. Graphically, it is pretty bland. It does not have any sound effects either. But the game is engaging and it gets fiendishly difficult at some places. Your success relies on your ability to deduce words from the given context quickly. So it goes without mention that your vocabulary also should be pretty good. Mild profanity in text makes it a bit unsuitable for kids. Overall, a text based game that is subversive, addictive and rewarding. Check it out.

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