Bounce Vortex App for iPhone Review

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Bounce Vortex app for iPhone is a ‘pick-up-and-play’ arcade puzzle game in which you must survive falling into the vortex by bouncing on colored tiles which spawn from the event horizon. The game play starts slowly, but the difficult levels increase as you progress through the rounds. You can get the app for $0.99.


Let’s take a look at the game mechanics of Bounce Vortex app for iPhone. At the beginning of each round, you’re given a target of colored tiles and you’re required to hit before the timer runs out. At first, it might look easy to strike ten or so tiles. But soon you’ll be dealing with four times that number and of different colors. The catch is that different colored tiles have different boost and complications. Some slow down the timer, while others rotate the screen thereby disorienting you just long enough to lose track of where to tap next. If such things happen in quick succession, you could lose your way. Only the most agile and quick fingered will survive the onslaught.

Bounce Vortex App for iPhone

The game also includes the ‘Infinity’ mode with increasing level score multipliers for an extra challenge which will also be used for upcoming competitions. Only the best will survive long in this mode. As you progress, the screen starts to get filled up with tiles and special effects. But the game rule remains simple; tap your fingertip in time with the bounce of your ball. A progression map, as in Candy Crush saga, portrays your progress through the levels and the number of levels to come. But on the design front, Bounce Vortex disappoints. It looks more like a hi-fi tech demo at times. But performance wise, the app is stable and responsive. It is also quite addictive, once you get a hang of it. The game is fully integrated with Google+ and Facebook.


Bounce Vortex app for iPhone is an interesting puzzle game with pretty challenging levels. The game rule is simple, but difficult to master. The game is stable and responsive for most parts. Social network integration comes handy to share your achievements with friends. Check it out if you’re in the lookout for an engaging puzzle game to kill time.

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