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Name: Buka App for Android


Have you heard about Buka app in Android devices? Buka is a cute game app that requires skills. The objective of the game is for Buka to find the Happy Place on its set for a quest. Buka is a tiny planet that makes the stars go boom. This planet is protected with powerful shockwaves and explosions that you can create with just a single touch. As you play this game, you can use the shockwaves in pushing any objects away or closer. You can also destroy everything that blocks your path and continue your navigation until you reach the Happy Place.

User Interaction:

Buka app is a pretty cool game for Android devices. Since the Buka character in this game app refers to a planet, it should be protected from rocks and other countless odds. The Buka planet comes in color blue. To be able to protect the Buka planet, you need to shoot the rocks and move the planet out of the way until you reach the next levels.

User Interface:

The control interface of Buka application in Android devices is pretty unique. For shooting, you can press on the display screen with your screen. To release the shots, you need to top on the rocks with your finger as well. In moving the blue planet of Buka, you can drag it around the screen by using your finger. The longer you pressed your finger, the harder the blasts can be. Moreover, you can just use the accelerometer or enable the tilt features. To restore the health of the Buka planet, you need to move the blue character around the screen and start collecting the items that you have garnered from shooting the rocks. The graphics of Buka application are very simple and very well done. For quite a while, Buka can be able to entertain everyone since Buka as an overall game is pretty fun.

The so-called Happy Place of Buka planet is her home. As she reached her home, the player needs to Tilt, Drag, Long Press, and Tap Buka as well as the Baddies. If the player does not protect Buka planet enough, she might even get some bruises. The scoring criteria of this game app judges the accuracy of the player since it will record the number of Baddies being killed and green pieces being eaten by the players. All of which will manage to keep Buka planet alive.


Utility and Productivity:

Buka app is a great game in Android devices. It is created with quality that makes use of Android features. Since the game application is so fun and cute, it can be very addictive. It can be a great past time as well whenever you get bored. It can surely keep you entertained because the music fairly suits the game.

The graphics of the Buka app is very simple to stage realistic explosions, punchy graphics, and fluid animation, making Android devices a superior mobile device so far. The application makes a great combination of sound effects, background track, vibrations, and accelerometer.

Today, Buka application had been receiving various awards and among the top ten paid games for Android devices. Though this game application is very simple, it is still very challenging. As the game lasts longer, the harder it gets. As the game went on, green shapes will appear on the screen and you need to collect these for you to earn more points.


(9.0 out of 10) With your help, Buka planet can repel all her enemies on her quest. Sooner or later, she can be able to find her Happy Place. Buka app is a simple game to learn and play. You do not need to be a game master to play it instead you just need to be interested and focus.

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