Busy Shapes iPhone Education App Review

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Busy Shapes for iPhone is essentially an educational app that provides an innovative way to sharpen your child’s reasoning skills and awaken their intelligence by introducing them to an amazing and evolving digital exploratory playground. You can download Busy Shapes app for $2.99 from iTunes App Store.


Busy Shapes for iPhone is a learning game meant for kids under 5 years or age. In the game, they’ll use their iPhone screens to guide shapes and objects to their proper holes. When they successfully manage to do that, the app will give them positive feedback and motivation. While their kids play and learn, the parents could watch their progress in real-time. Busy Shapes for iPhone is a great app to teach kids about the shapes that exist in the world. It also acts as a tool to teach them motor skills as the kids try to drag the shapes into the respective holes. The game features a series of puzzles, in which they must change simple shapes and place them in proper holes. Plus, the app’s digital exploratory playground regularly refreshes with different objects, which keeps children interested and engaged.


Busy Shapes iPhone app got a kid friendly design. The design takes into account the fact that when young children hold the iPhone or iPad, their finger inadvertently touches the screen. Further, the app features “passing” swipe control that is essential for young children’s’ quick hands (i.e. even if a child’s finger reaches an object after he or she was already touching the screen, the object is still grasped as intended). Last but not the least, the game’s AI support each child’s unique learning journey. It tracks the time it takes each child to complete a level, and increases or decreases difficulty accordingly. As mentioned, parents can access real-time monitoring and get advice on how to guide their children. They can also track their child’s progress updates via Apple’s Game Center. The game also supports multiple languages including Indonesian, German, Spanish, and Chinese.


Busy Shapes for iPhone provides a great way for kids to learn about shapes, objects and colors. As the game adapts to the way the child plays so that they don’t get frustrated easily. The app’s automatic memory saves a child’s place in any particular game in case they need a pause. Its design is largely user friendly. Multiple language support comes handy to non-English natives. Overall, an educational game tailor made for young kids. You should check it out if you have a kid in this age-bracket at home.

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