Calling App for iPhone Review

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Got a long and winding contact list in your phone? Perhaps Calling app for iPhone could help you search it fast. It bills itself as ‘the fastest and easiest way to search through your contacts on your device’. Calling app costs $0.99 in iTunes App Store.

Calling App Features

Calling app for iPhone comes handy to all those having a long contact list. Rather than scrolling through the seemingly unending contacts, the app let you quickly zero in on the relevant names as you navigate using a dual-scrolling technique. No matter how big your contact list is, with calling…for iPhone you will be able to quick and easily narrow down your contact search from a thousand items to a dozen. Instead of typing a name, calling…app for iPhone relies on a fast scrolling system to find your contacts. I.e. use your left thumb, scroll down the alphabet on the left side of the screen to choose the first letter of your contact name. Using the right thumb, scroll down on the right side of the screen to select the second letter of contact name. By this process, you can find your desired contact in less time. From the obtained search results, you can quickly dial the number, email or message them, view contact details or even initiate a FaceTime chat.

Calling App for iPhone

For those who might not like the default colors and themes, calling…for iPhone provides lots of customization options. You can pick from about 20 skins, therein adding different colors to your contact list. The app also got a wonderful user interface. However, for those with shorter contact lists, it might not interest them much. Performance wise, calling…for iPhone is smooth, slick and responsive. Calling iPhone app is compatible with iOS versions 6.0 or higher. It is optimized for iPhone 5.


Calling for iPhone is specifically aimed at those with long and winding contact lists. It significantly reduces the time taken to zero-in on a particular contact. It might take couple of minutes to get a hang of the dual-scrolling technique. Once you get used to it, things become a lot faster and easier. Customization options come handy. The app is robust and responsive. Verdict: If you have long contact lists in your phone, you’ll find calling…for iPhone quite useful. Check it out.

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