Car Loan Calculator iPhone App Review

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Managing your car loan can be tricky at times. With diligent planning and optimization, you could reduce your auto loan or lease monthly payments by a significant percentage. Car Loan Calculator for iPhone let you do just that. Give it the information relevant to your situation and it’ll show you the way. You can download Car Loan Calculator – Auto Loan & Lease Calculator app for $0.99 from iTunes App Store.

Manage your Car Loan

Car Loan Calculator app for iPhone is perhaps the simplest auto loan and lease calculator available in the market. You can quickly and easily increase down payments, add and remove car trade-ins, even include trade-in liens in few clicks. Similarly, you can adjust interest rates, fees, and residual values and get an estimate monthly payment for either an auto loan or auto lease. It is advisable to ask your dealership for their residual values and money factor to get a more accurate monthly payment. Car Loan Calculator for iPhone will help you determine what steps you need to take to get a monthly payment you can afford. Simply plug in the numbers and easily adjust major categories that can increase or decrease your monthly payments. If to cite an example, one way to bring down your monthly payments significantly is to pay a larger down payment. The app also let you calculate total principle and interest over the life of the car loan in easy steps.

The UI design is rather user friendly. The design looks pretty basic though. But that is expected as the focus here is on providing you with the values. Both the calculators have a similar layout. The results displayed at the bottom of the screen is in pretty bold font. Performance wise, the app is slick and responsive as well. Car Loan Calculator app requires iOS versions 10.3 or later.

Final Take

Car Loan Calculator for iPhone helps you to make the necessary calculations so that you could reduce your auto loan or lease monthly payments by a significant percentage. You just got to key-in the values and the app computes and displays the corresponding monthly payments. We found it to be pretty accurate for the variables you provide. It also features an auto-lease calculator. The UI is well designed. It is also stable. Overall, a well-designed auto loan and lease calculator app that is worth checking out.

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