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Castro for iPhone makes it easier to manage your podcast subscriptions. It is designed to help you track a broad range of shows and pick out the episodes that appeal to you. To do that, the app introduces a new concept – episode triage. You can download Castro for $3.99 from iTunes.

What is it about?

The episode triage allows you to scan new episodes and decide whether you’re interested or not. Castro app for iPhone makes it easy to discover new shows if you don’t want to import your existing podcast subscriptions over. Simply browse through the show categories, check out show descriptions and view the latest episodes. You can start playing it straightaway or queue it up. The queued episodes are automatically downloaded, and can be re-ordered or archived any time. Users can also set their favourite shows to queue automatically and use the inbox to triage the rest. It is further possible to subscribe to the show to get all of the latest episodes as they happen.

Apart from browsing and searching shows, personal recommendations from friends are another great way to find new shows. Castro users can easily share direct links to specific episodes. If you got iOS 10, Castro iMessage App is a great way to share recently played episodes with your friends and family. When you receive a recommendation in iMessage app, you can add it to your queue without leaving the Messages app. The app also maintains a chronological list of your played episodes in History, so that you can easily find them for sharing later. You can also ‘star’ a podcast to make it your personal podcast hall of fame. Again, you can easily share them the next time someone asks for a recommendation. The UI design is impressive. The beautifully rendered full screen shows notes allowing you to follow up and explore links of episodes that provide these details. You can drag the playhead to scan quickly, or drag the waveform for precision scrubbing. Further, it sports an elegant dark mode and well-thought out sleep timer, offering the best in night time podcast listening.


Castro app for iPhone lets you manage your podcast subscriptions easily. All newly published episodes land in inbox, while you can review the descriptions, queue the best ones and archive the rest. You got plenty of sharing options so that sending one to your family/friends is a cake walk. Fine scrubbing is a nice touch, so is rotation support. The big playback controls on the player for easy use while driving. We found the app to be stable and responsive as well. Check it out if you love listening to podcasts.

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